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VICTIMHOOD: Lauren Boebert tries to explain away her explicit behavior as “eccentricity”

VICTIMHOOD: Lauren Boebert tries to explain away her explicit behavior as “eccentricity”

If you are Lauren Boebert — or any adult, for that matter — it’s probably a good idea to not get into a heavy make-out session in a theatre.

As Trump would say, “No one wants to see that.”

But United States Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) doesn’t think it’s a big deal. How can she think it’s not a big deal when her husband got in trouble for a similar issue? She got thrown outof a Denver theater during a perfomance of Beetlejuice, in part, for dual groping — and we’re not talking a hand on a leg.

She thinks she is the victim here. She thinks she was thrown out of the theatre because she is “eccentric.” That is as bad as tweeting “Today is 1776,” giving every sane person an indication that you knew what was coming.

Regardless, Boebert did an interview with OAN this morning, and we have the transcript. So, don’t say I never gave you anything. (Video on bottom)

Boebert: “We just had Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, announce an impeachment inquiry. We facing a government shutdown and trying to fund the federal government. We have a wide open southern border. We have Zelensky threatening to send refugees here. And what’s the top story? Lauren Boebert getting kicked out of this theater in Denver, Colorado.”

OAN host Dan Ball: “It’s what the media does. It’s what the media does. So what went down?”

Let’s get this right. So Ball trashes the media for covering it, then covers it.

Boebert: “Well, I was a little too eccentric, I’m very known for having an animated personality. Maybe an overtly animated personality. I was laughing, I was singing, having a fantastic time. I was told to kind of settle it down a little bit, which I did. But then, my next slip up was taking a picture of the cast on stage.”

Ball: “Right. Taking images of the play. I’ve done it too, I’ve snuck ’em, SHHHH. Right, so you got thrown out cuz you took a pic and you weren’t supposed to. But you know what, here’s my whole thing –”

Whoa, whoa, whoa: That is not the “whole thing,” and it’s probably a bad idea to admit to… anything.

Boebert: There was no arguing, there was [sic] reports saying I was arguing, that I was threatening to call the Denver mayor. I don’t know why I would have ever called the Denver mayor, I think he would have tried to lock me up. There’s reports saying that I was saying I was on the board of something. I don’t know what I’m on the board of. I’m on the edgeof a lot of things, let me tell ya.”

Ball: “Here’s what I’m thinking. You’re in Denver, Lauren, it’s very liberal. The people that live there who complained to the ushers that you were being noisy could have recognized you and been like, ‘Oh, that’s that MAGA girl.'”

Yeah, Christian Fundamentalists would allow what she really did.

Boebert: “I think they did.”

Ball: “Yeah, exactly. You know how they are. I get it. Congresswoman Boebert, I think you explained it well enough and the mainstream media can take a flying AHEM.”

So, after “covering it,” Ball doesn’t cover the reason Boebert was tossed, or at least, one of the main reasons:

Actually, NO. If things are getting that hot, I GTFO of the theatre.

The last thing, promise. Boebert reportedly asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Yes or No, either way, you’re nailed.

The entire interview:

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