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DEVASTATING: New book reveals what Rupert Murdoch really thinks about Sean Hannity

DEVASTATING: New book reveals what Rupert Murdoch really thinks about Sean Hannity

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Somehow, it isn’t hard to believe that Ronald DeSantis is the type who would kick a dog — and not even his own dog, but someone else’s dog!

Even though there are only two people in my house, we have a rule: you don’t hit kids or dogs, and it’s been an awfully easy rule to follow.

I guess my 15-year-old daughter is a little more mature than DeSantis. I guarantee she owns more rainbow “Ally” t-shirts than him, too.

Yes, according to a new book by celebrity gossip monger Micahel Wolff, none other than Ronald DeSantis kicked Tucker Carlson’s dog.

Poor dog. It deserves one of those bones from a “cowboy cut rib-eye.”

To get a little more serious, the Wolff book follows the undeniable downslope on which Fox News skis. Fox News, however, doesn’t agree, according to a Daily Beast excerpt:

“’The fact that the last book by this author was spoofed in a Saturday Night Live skit is really all we need to know,’ a Fox News spokesperson wrote The Daily Beast in a statement. Reps for the Murdoch family declined to comment, but a person familiar with the matter claimed to The Daily Beast that Wolff did not approach Fox News or Fox Corp for fact-checking. ‘Every principal character in the book including [Murdoch] was contacted for comment,’ Wolff responded in a statement.”

Without regard to Fox News’ feelings about the book — billed as a “juicy tell-all” — the Daily Beast writes that it leaves the reader a little wanting.

One aspect that does seem to matter (Kicking dogs matters, don’t get me wrong) is that Tucker Carlson considered running for president to get out of his contract.

Turns out that Carlson didn’t need to do a thing to get out of Fox News, though he does remain under his contract to the company. Why Tucker believes he’s equipped to be president, I leave to the consideration of the reader.

Additionally, Rupert Murdoch once favored DeSantis for the Republican nomination in 2024 — that is not exactly a secret.

He directed that Tucker Carlson and his wife Susie invite Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey to have dinner at Tucker’s place in Florida.

From the Daily Beast’s account of the book, DeSantis failed the “Susie test,” which sounds kind of like the Republican test. It sounds like he failed it miserably.

You will be shocked to learn that both Ron and Casey DeSantis failed “to read the room,” especially with Susie, Carlson’s wife, “a genteel, stay-at-home woman, here in her own house,” as Wolff writes.

“For two hours Ron DeSantis sat at her table talking in an outdoor voice indoors, failing to observe any basics of conversation ritual or propriety, reeling off an unselfconscious list of his programs and initiatives and political accomplishments.”

So he acted the same way that he campaigns? That’s our boy!

Report continues below tweet:

And that’s also how the poor dog got kicked under the table.

Yes, that’s certainly one way to endear oneself to the most powerful anchor (at the time) at Fox News. 

Susie declared to Tucker she never wanted to be near that man again, and Tucker called DeSantis a “fascist,” which should have bonded them, but apparently, the lack of etiquette got in the way.

DeSantis’s people don’t like the fact that Susie hates the Florida governor, and they damn sure don’t want it out there that DeSantis is a dog beater!

They released this statement per the Daily Beast’s report:

“The totality of that story is absurd and false. Some will say or write anything to attack Ron DeSantis because they know he presents a threat to their worldview. But rest assured that as president the one thing he will squarely kick is the DC elitists in both parties either under or over the table, and that’s why they are so desperately fighting back.”

I’d prefer to fight under the table with the dog and punch DeSantis in the…nevermind.

Rupert Murdoch isn’t spared, either. Nor is Sean Hannity.

Now, Murdoch shares our opinion of Hannity but uses a word one would never find on this site except as part of a direct quote from Rupert Murdoch, according to the book:

“When Murdoch was brought reports of Hannity’s on- and off-air defense of Fox’s postelection coverage, he perhaps seemed to justify his anchor: ‘He’s retarded, like most Americans.'”

There are plenty of Americans who are morons, and there are some Americans with Down Syndrome. I would vastly prefer to have dinner with kids with Down Syndrome than with the morons who watch Hannity or with Casey and Ronald DeSantis.

The kids would pet the dog and be far more interesting to talk to.

Oh, last thing, in case you didn’t know, Rupert Murdoch is a raging homophobe but we hardly needed a tell-all book to know that.

That fact was confirmed in Wolff’s book by Rupert’s fourth ex-wife Jerry Hall — the only connection that the Australian-born media mogul has in common with Rolling Stone Mick Jagger (besides a lot of wrinkles).

Hall allegedly shouted “Rupert, why are you such a homophobe?” at a meal with her friends on a patio in St. Barts.

Michael Wolff’s book on Fox News and the Murdochs The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty will be available to the public on Sept. 26th.

This column is based on original reporting by Justin Baragon and Lachlan Cartright of the Daily Beast.

I can be reached at and on Twitter @JasonMiciak.

Editor’s note: This is an opinion column that solely reflects the opinions of the author.

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