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LOSER! NY Judge finds Trump liable for FRAUD and cancels his business certificates

LOSER! NY Judge finds Trump liable for FRAUD and cancels his business certificates


Throughout his civil trial in New York, Donald Trump has defended himself on the grounds that his financial documents had a disclaimer telling financial institutions not to take them too seriously.

Now, he has been found liable for financial fraud in the case brought by NY Attorney General Letitia James.

Judge Arthur Engoron said that the evidence supports the Attorney General’s allegations that Trump falsified property values on financial documents.

The trial will still continue on Monday, though on a much more limited basis, as Engoron has already determined that the former president is liable for fraud, and all his business licenses have been ordered canceled.

Trump has repeatedly insisted that the case is merely a political attack, claiming that Judge Engoron “is a Trump Hater beyond even A.G. James” and that there is evidence his properties are worth even more than claimed in the financial documents.

Furthermore, he argues, the case should be dismissed because there is a disclaimer clause on each document “telling all not to rely on these financial statements…[but]…to do their own research and analysis.”

Engoron disagreed. PBS reported:

“The judge said the disclaimer on the financial statements ‘makes abundantly clear that Mr. Trump was fully responsible for the information contained within’ them and that ‘allowing blanket disclaimers to insulate liars from liability would completely undercut’ the ‘important function’ that such statements serve ‘in the real world.’”

Attorney General James had asked that Trump and his children be forbidden to operate businesses in the state of New York going forward, and Engoron seemed to agree. Reuters reports:

“Engoron also ordered the cancellation of business certificates for the Trump Organization and other corporate defendants, and sanctioned Trump’s lawyers for contributing to their clients’ ‘obstreperous’ conduct and making ‘preposterous’ legal arguments during the case.”

It’s not just the former president who is affected, either — the ruling addresses “any other entity owned or controlled or beneficially owned by Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Allen Weisselberg, and Jeffrey McConney.”

Legal analysts have called the cancellation of the Trump organization’s business certificates an effective “death penalty” for the Trump family, at least in New York state.

Trump responded to the ruling by simply reposting his previous ranting social media posts on the civil lawsuit.

It is certain that Trump will appeal Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling and any damages that are levied when the trial resumes on Monday.

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