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APPEAL DENIED: Trump can’t postpone his NY civil trial

APPEAL DENIED: Trump can’t postpone his NY civil trial

The latest attempt by disgraced former president Donald Trump to dodge the consequences of his actions has failed.

The man who once told his cult-like following they were going to “get tired of winning” can’t seem to land a single win for himself now that he can’t use the office of the presidency to shield himself from legal proceedings.

Even Donald Trump’s infamous delaying tactics are now failing him.

On Tuesday, he was found liable for fraud after falsifying the values of his business interests and properties. He handled the public response (a social media temper tantrum) while his attorneys handled the legal response, in the form of filing a request for more time.

The request was through an appellate court, where Trump’s attorneys asked for the ruling to be stayed while his lawsuit against Judge Arthur Engoron moved forward.

It was to no avail — the appellate court paused the proceedings briefly while considering the case, then gave the former president a giant thumbs-down.

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office had described Trump’s lawsuit as a “brazen and meritless attempt” to usurp judicial authority — and she speaks from experience, as he’s also tried suing her. The Boston Herald reports:

“Engoron’s fraud ruling resolved the key claim in James’ lawsuit, but six others remain. They include allegations of conspiracy, falsifying business records and insurance fraud. The judge will also decide on James’ request for $250 million in penalties.”

Trump’s attorneys argued that there’s hardly any point in a trial, since Engoron has already decided the biggest issue. But of course, the state — which has successfully argued it was defrauded — and the defendant — who may be in financial desperation — both likely consider that quarter-billion dollars in fines are pretty significant, too.

Trump’s court calendar is filling up rapidly.

Aside from this trial, which will start Monday, he has a deposition coming up on October 17th in the case where Peter Strozk sued the FBI, Attorney General Bill Barr, and the Justice Department, among others, after he was demoted and eventually lost his job over text messages expressing his distaste for then-candidate Trump.

Two of his co-defendants in the Georgia RICO case begin trial on the 27th, and while Trump won’t be a defendant in this specific trial, it will take some attention from him, since it could be a predictor for his own trial.

He’s also facing 14th Amendment challenges to his presidential candidacy, and the one in Colorado begins this month.

Gee, when will he have time to run for president?

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