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EATING THEIR OWN: MAGA GOP turn on McCarthy after budget deal

EATING THEIR OWN: MAGA GOP turn on McCarthy after budget deal

GOP in Turmoil

The GOP is so dysfunctional that Americans nearly took it as a certainty that the extremists would vandalize the country by breaking it with a shutdown.

But Kevin McCarthy might be worthy of some credit from Democrats. He put the country ahead of his speakership and went along — mostly — with the short-term government funding plan that the Senate had debated and compromised on.

The most disappointing part of the House vote was the elimination of the aid for Ukraine from the budget.

As an aside, it appears that the conspiracy theory party has a conspiracy about why Democrats really support Ukraine. It is not that we’re enraged by the monster bombing maternity wards and believe in preserving democracy. No, that’s not it, according to one of the most mega-MAGAs in the Senate:

Right. We just want revenge. And what’s with the “we will bleed Ukraine dry” — by funding the winning army, we are destroying Ukraine? Where is the call for the butcher in Moscow to withdraw all his forces?

We never see it from mega-MAGAs. They blame Biden for the war, not Putin. 

Regardless, on to the war for McCarthy’s speakership.

McCarthy had already put it at risk by simply agreeing to the Senate’s compromise. Gaetz was already talking about a motion to vacate the Speaker’s chair on Saturday night.

That was before he learned that McCarthy made a deal with the Democrats whereby he would hold an “open vote” for support for Ukraine:

If this is true and McCarthy keeps his word, it is fantastic news because every Democrat will vote for it in revenge for bombing maternity wars and attacking a democratic nation just as a means to steal it.

And the biggest Ukrainian supporting Republicans — there are some — will frame the funding as needed.

McCarthy is doing all this while daring the flamethrowers to do something about it.

There is NO “uniparty.” There is a compromise by necessity coming from responsible members of Congress. And 126 Republicans is a majority of Republicans.

If the Democrats were 100% in control, a very different funding bill would have emerged.

Oh, and knock off the government spending thing bankrupting the country. A full quarter of the country’s debt was compiled during Trump’s four years.

Exactly. Very clear. They want a situation where a group of ten to twenty members can hold the entire country hostage.

You knew that MTG couldn’t keep her mouth shut on this, either:

Again, these people were plenty angry about the deal itself. The side deal – done in good faith with the Democrats, may cost McCarthy his speakership.

Meanwhile, some members want to expel Matt Gaetz!

So, the GOP is at war with itself, and that isn’t a good thing, not if you want to get things done, like passing a budget in 45 days.

Remarkably, Trump – the guy who really was behind the “shutdown” movement, hasn’t said a thing on Truth Social about it.

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