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JUST ASKING: What does Jason Miller have to hide from Jack Smith?

JUST ASKING: What does Jason Miller have to hide from Jack Smith?


Former Trump advisor Jason Miller has always been an enigma but there is something strange happening concerning Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Trump investigation and Miller’s former relationship with another former Trump advisor A.J. Delgado.

In 2016, Miller — while married to someone else — impregnated Delgado. The pregnancy has resulted in Miller being hauled into Florida family court for child-support payments, and the pregnancy may be central to Delgado being “frozen out” of the Trump administration.

It would seem that a suit for child support and discrimination due to the pregnancy would have no crossover into something deemed pertinent to Jack Smith’s investigation into the Washington DC or Florida charges against Trump.

To give the minimum background to understand the story we have a portion of a 2019 CBS News report:

“A former staffer for President Trump’s 2016 campaign claims she was stripped of her responsibilities and frozen out of a White House job after she got pregnant from an affair with her supervisor. (Ed. Note. Jason Miller) A.J. Delgado on Monday filed a federal lawsuit in Manhattan alleging discrimination from the Trump campaign and transition team, as well as three men who once held top spots in Mr. Trump’s White House — Stephen Bannon, Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus.

The contention is that she was frozen out due to Miller fathering a child with her, though Miller isn’t named in the discrimination suit because he didn’t personally freeze her out of a job.

There is another aspect at play.

To put it charitably, Jason Miller hasn’t been a good dad. Indeed, Delgado asserts that Miller is so far behind child-support payments that a family court judge in Florida threatened him with contempt. Delgado has had to drag Miller into court on multiple occasions.

Delgado wants to depose Jason Miller and he is doing all he can to avoid that deposition. His attorney also moved to strike a letter in the Delgado case.

Miller’s recalcitrance may be due to the fact that, if anything, Miller has become closer to the Trump 2024 campaign, even acting as a part-time spokesman for Trump.

What does that have to do with Jack Smith? Glad you asked because that’s exactly what Occupy/Washington Press executive editor Grant Stern asked Miller coming out of court today.

Miller, you will note, didn’t feel like chatting:

So, there are two issues at play here that shouldn’t have any overlap but most certainly do seem to overlap: Miller’s child support suit with Ms. Delgado — likely involving possible income from Gettr, the social media platform that Miller started in January of 2021 — and possibly the Delgado discrimination suit.

Still not seeing any overlap?

That would seem to be the problem. Miller is actively working to hide some kind of overlap.

Clearly, Delgado needs information on Miller’s income and any role in freezing her out because it goes directly to child support payments and her being kicked out of the club.

And clearly, something about that “income” and action impacts Miller and perhaps Donald Trump.

You will note that Stern asked Miller about why he refuses to sit for a deposition in the Delgado case (which a judge can and may order) and also about Chinese funding for Gettr.

That may be where some overlap comes in.

Anytime China comes up, whether it concerns money, American politicians, and especially American politicians who may be interested in selling information or access (See, e.g. Jared Kushner), there could be overlap that would interest Jack Smith.

One is very tempted to think, this is very tenuous. And yet Miller is not acting like it’s tenuous, he is acting like his political life depends on avoiding Jack Smith and that’s very interesting.

Trump’s political life depends on avoiding Jack Smith, but Miller is no more than a campaign advisor. It makes very little sense but that is surely due to the fact that we don’t know all the answers that Miller is going out of his way to hide.

He is doing all he can to avoid a deposition. Is it because “I invoke my 5th Amendment rights” doesn’t sound very good?

Very perplexing, and yet it could be very important. Clearly, Miller finds it very important and not just because he may be hiding income. He may be hiding much more. Jack Smith couldn’t care less about his income.

Delgado does.

So we’re left with a hint that Miller’s income is tied to Trump, Gettr, and possibly crimes associated with any of the three.

Odd. But Miller’s been odd from the beginning.

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