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POLITICAL INFLUENCER: Why is MAGA so afraid of Taylor Swift?

POLITICAL INFLUENCER: Why is MAGA so afraid of Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

If someone can please explain the dichotomy regarding how a terrible reality show star can be president but a real star with real talent and genuine beliefs can’t have a political voice, I’m all ears because the MAGA-Right is going apoplectic over Taylor Swift’s elevation to Time Magazine’s person of the year.

Of course, Taylor lives life from the left and possesses immense power over millions, the “Swifties”— and I confess, I am one — can be counted on to at least listen to Swift’s advice.

Taylor’s advice is remarkably simple: “Don’t vote for Trump or Marsha Blackburn, wake up, it’s time to get the job done and vote!”

The irony with Trump as the flipside is delicious. They are mad that they’re getting their asses kicked by a “girl.”

A cult-like following that would drink the Kool-Aid for her? A media that feeds the message? Is this famed MAGA influencer aware of the fact that he’s being hilariously hypocritical, or does it go completely over his head?

Stephen Miller also had to be heard, and he went straight to conspiracy theory because that’s what the MAGA extremists do. He implies that there is a moving part behind Swift’s rise to use her as a political tool.

But it’s Stephen Miller. He would’ve said the same thing about The Beatles or Nirvana if they opposed Trump — which they would’ve:

Actually, it is one of the most organic movements around right now, Stephen. It is sure more organic than “Moms for Liberty” or some of the other absurd political movements that rose in an attempt to establish a Christian Nationalist country.

The Trump advisor and confidant Jack Posobiec had to be heard. He cried, “The Taylor Swift girlboss psyop has been fully activated.”

Yeah, bring back the all-boy boss. The scariest thing on earth to a Christian Nationalist world is an empowered woman.

Posobiec also took a ridiculous shot at Swift’s boyfriend, who just happens to be an NFL tight end that you probably don’t want to cross, saying, “From her hand-selected vaccine shill boyfriend to her DINK lifestyle to her upcoming 2024 voter operation for Democrats on abortion rights, It’s all coming.”

Jeffrey Clark — the man who almost became Trump’s A.G. to sign a letter finding fraud in the 2020 election — put out the post that I find to be the dumbest and most dangerous in stating:

“This is what happens when we cede culture to the Left. Brainless youth raising themselves on Taylor Swift’s saccharine bland music and that washing over into the serious world of politics.”

Ummm. No. You didn’t cede anything. Swift earned her rise and the respect bestowed on her. In other words, she grabbed it. Second, her music is often deadly serious and more organic than the stuff the MAGAs cook up.

“If we reach the point where Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Taylor Swift run for office together we will have truly reached full-on Idiocracy where Mike Judge imagined ‘President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.”

Not that he’s running and not that he would win the Democratic primary, but it’s hard to see The Rock doing a worse job than Trump, who comes from the same entertainment industry.


Well, hey, Taylor Swift makes me crazy, too. It is just that I love her, especially when she goes after “The Man.

Ironically, that’s what drives them crazy. She can take them down.

This column borrows from ideas originally published by Charisma Madarang of Rolling Stone:

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