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ON THE ATTACK: Donald Trump SPEWS in Young Republicans Club speech

ON THE ATTACK: Donald Trump SPEWS in Young Republicans Club speech


The leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump, just gave a speech full of personal attacks, self-aggrandizement, and extreme promises to abuse power if given the opportunity again. In other words, a typical day for the disgraced ex-president.

Donald Trump spoke to an assembly of the New York Young Republicans Club this weekend, where he took the opportunity to boast about his criminal indictments and poll numbers; attack members of his former Administration along with current government officials; and joke about being a dictator.

Trump exposed his thirst for power, making jokes about his recent declaration that he’d be a dictator “only on day one,” and gave his audience “reasons” of a sort (immigration and oil) for his determination to be a dictator, however briefly. At the same time, he complained about news media reporting on the very promise he was reiterating.

In a similar vein, he praised China’s President Xi Jinping, who he said is “a brilliant person” because “he controls 1.4 billion people with an iron fist.” He similarly lauded North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s power, as evidenced by his possession of “more nuclear missiles.”

Trump, who ran his first campaign on assurances that he would surround himself with “the best people” in order to counter his political inexperience, attacked his own Attorney General appointee, Bill Barr, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for whose rise to power Trump takes full credit. (He never has gotten around to explaining why so many of his “best people” are now persona non grata in his circle, in some cases even testifying against him.)

Among other perceived enemies, Trump lashed out at Attorney General Letitia James, focusing not on her litigation against him, but on litigation against Exxon-Mobile over environmental damage.

He said that she caused the company to move from New York to Dallas, Texas, which he conflated (perhaps confused?) with corporations leaving the country, or outsourcing personnel from other nations.

To be clear, Dallas is in the United States. Also, Exxon relocated there in 1989, as a cost-cutting move, three full decades before James was elected as Attorney General. In fact, adding to the inaccuracies in a single Trump claim, the company relocated its main headquarters again in 2022, to Houston, according to Costar.

On the subject of climate change, Trump claimed that it’s a giant hoax — explaining that the climate can’t be changing since it’s getting colder. (Scientists link extreme temperatures, record-setting heat and cold, and the rise in extreme weather events to human-caused changes in climate.)

Trump even used his criminal indictments for self-aggrandizement, boasting that few other public figures who became known for criminal behavior have been indicted as many times as he has, and that no other criminal defendant has had “their numbers” soar as he has in the wake of indictments.

Since relatively few other individuals with hefty criminal charges pending have run for public office, it’s not clear what “numbers” would compare — there are no public approval polls or presidential primary polls for Al Capone.

Returning to allegations from his first campaign, he further claimed that his deflection when called out for getting caught on tape boasting about sexual assault is impressing war-hardened generals as the bravest act they’ve seen.

Check out the clips below.

Trump says he would be a dictator because of oil and immigration, but is angry that the New York Times reported he would be a dictator. He says he wants to build a wall on the southern border, and also that he already did.

Trump praises foreign leaders for exerting power over their people.

Trump calls Bill Barr a coward for not interfering with the 2020 election.

He also no longer likes DeSantis.

Is Trump confused about Dallas being a U.S. city, or is he uncertain about where Exxon-Mobile is located and when they moved there?

He also doesn’t seem to think getting colder falls under the banner of “changing.”

Trump says his indictments are an “honor” and that other criminal defendants haven’t seen the polling boost he has.

It’s a “sir” story! Trump says an anonymous general told him that, despite seeing soldiers fall on the battlefield, he’s never seen anyone act as bravely as Trump did when he joked about sexual assault.

Bonus: Trump’s Congressional ally and current subject of an ethics investigation Matt Gaetz also spoke at the event, promising that if President Joe Biden is re-elected, he, Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and many others, will share a cell block.

More likely, they’ll all be in solitary confinement to protect them from other inmates as a form of protective custody.

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