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DOMESTIC TERROR: FBI nabs would-be border sniper as CONVOY CHAOS continues

DOMESTIC TERROR: FBI nabs would-be border sniper as CONVOY CHAOS continues

Paul Faye told undercover FBI agents he met through TikTok that the U.S. is being invaded and that patriots would “rise up” to stop it. Then he showed them his supplies and sold an unregistered silencer to one of the agents.

Currently, the known charges are merely for possession of an unregistered firearm, but based on the information agents have, there is a significant potential for further charges to come.

Faye reportedly planned to join a militia group at the border with firearms and explosives. He is just one of the self-declared ‘patriots’ planning militia action at the border. He said that he intended to serve as a sniper, picking off people he deemed to be immigrants attempting to illegally enter the country. CourtWatch reported:

“Faye also relayed to the FBI undercover that he was “coordinating with militia groups from Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.”..According to authorities, Faye also ‘discussed plans for traveling to the border and how he planned to transport explosive devices to the border without law enforcement detection.’”

He also told them he possessed explosives and had stationed butane tanks around his property and set other booby traps for law enforcement.

This all comes as tensions at the border heighten, with Republicans in Congress refusing to pass bipartisan legislation. The militia problem isn’t a new one, but as Faye’s confession shows, it’s becoming more urgent, even before the Congressional standoff. The LA Times reported on one group in December:

“Although they are all seemingly dressed for combat and carrying rifles, they are not affiliated with any law enforcement organization. They lack the authority to detain migrants — but they don’t let them pass either. They call the Border Patrol, then wait for agents to arrive in vans and collect them for processing.”

That’s not quite on the level of snipers and explosives, but far-right groups self-appointing as border authorities have had a long history in the U.S.

In the 1970s, the KKK touted patrols intended to turn border crossers back. David Duke gave press statements, and groups drove around in cars with homemade signs attached reading “Klan Border Watch,” according to Time.

Currently, protestors and militants headed to the border in a caravan have been debating in online groups whether the whole plan is a “psyop” intended to trick right-wing militia groups into violence and arrest them.

They seem to have been right about one thing, at least: they’ve been infiltrated and the FBI is picking out those who appear to be planning violence.

Stephanie Bazzle
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