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COMPETENCY: See how Nikki Haley trolled Trump MERCILESSLY

COMPETENCY: See how Nikki Haley trolled Trump MERCILESSLY

It’s not exactly a Mensa entry exam.

Donald Trump can’t stop boasting about passing an exam designed to check for signs of dementia, but he also can’t stop talking about how hard the test was. When he made the same boast while in office, copies of the assessment circulated on social media, and now that he’s campaigning on his score, Nikki Haley has decided to make sure the voters see it too.

At a South Carolina campaign stop, Haley handed out forms inviting the reader to test their own ability to pass the competency test and to assess whether they believe Trump or Joe Biden could do the same. It’s one more way Haley is fighting to convince voters that it’s time to put someone just a few decades younger in charge.

Donald Trump has told his rallygoers that many of them would not be able to pass the competency test he took, and he recently described the difficult math problem he was forced to solve in his head. He claimed he was asked:

“Multiply four thousand seven hundred forty-three, multiply times seven, without paper and pencil by the way, divide it by four, add up another thirty-seven and a half, point five, I remember that.”

By releasing a copy of the actual exam, Haley also revealed that Trump either remembered the question badly or embellished it purposefully.

The actual question is for the examinee to subtract 7 from 70, then subtract 7 from the answer, and continue doing so; the test requires 4-5 correct subtractions to get full points.

Other questions include naming as many words as possible in a minute that begin with the letter S, with a goal of reaching 11 words; repeating back an 11-word sentence; and reading off a row of letters while tapping every time the letter A is said.

Trump says he aced the test, but Haley seems to imply that she doesn’t believe that. She stops short of directly accusing his medical providers of lying about his results.

She’s been laser-focused on his competency and his apparent struggles with confusion since he, at a recent rally, mixed her up with Nancy Pelosi and falsely declared that Haley was responsible for security at the Capitol on January 6th. Haley held no government office at the time.

Below, see Haley’s campaign handout.

Now, watch Trump misrepresent the questions on the same test.

Ironically, Haley’s attacks on Trump’s mental competency are helping the Biden campaign as much as they are hurting her GOP rival’s presidential ambitions.

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