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WATCH: Donald Trump’s South Carolina rally INSANITY

WATCH: Donald Trump’s South Carolina rally INSANITY


In November, registered voters will be the ones taking a cognitive test, and their reactions to Donald Trump’s Get Out The Vote rally in Conway, South Carolina on Saturday will be an important lesson in whether they pass.

Trump’s rally displayed two things: his dangerous plans for America, and his struggles to communicate with an audience.

Among other things, he renewed his old attacks on former President Barack Obama, attacked Nikki Haley’s husband for being deployed as American military personnel, and described a fantasy in which he tells Russia to attack U.S. allies.

Throughout Trump’s rally, he boasted about exercising his control over Congressional Republicans to destroy the bipartisan border bill and read off a poem about a snakebite, comparing the snake to immigrants.

He claimed to have “run the East Coast” twice, and that he did “better the second time,” although in reality he lost Virginia and every East Coast state north of it in 2016, and added Georgia to his losses in 2020.

He spoke about allied nations asking if the U.S. would help if Russia attacked, and described an imagined scene in which he scolds them for being behind on United Nations dues, and said he’d “encourage” Russia to “do whatever the hell they want.”

He lashed out at Nikki Haley, implying that there is something sinister about her husband not showing up on the campaign trail. Haley’s husband, Michael Haley, a deployed Major in the National Guard, was just profiled by major media earlier this week, Trump seemed to riff off a version of the headline that questioned his presence. The New York Times reported:

“Even in his absence, Maj. Michael Haley, a National Guardsman serving a voluntary, yearlong deployment in Africa, has played an outsize role in his wife’s increasingly lonely attempt to snatch the Republican nomination from former President Donald J. Trump.”

Along the way, Trump also brought up his cognitive testing, declaring that he’s been told it would be unconstitutional to require every candidate to take one. He didn’t share how hard he’s pushed for this but argued that he would waive that constitutional requirement.

Trump argued that the “fake news” claims he mixes up President Joe Biden and former President Obama, then proceeded to speak about Obama as the current president.

“Every time I interchange Barack Hussein Obama…they say, ‘He doesn’t know who the president is,'” Trump said, adding, “But I think Barack Hussein Obama has a lot to do with running the country right now…he has a lot to do with it.”

He also said that other countries are happier with the U.S. now that Obama is in charge. (For the record, Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012, and left office in 2017; Joe Biden, who took over in 2021 after Trump lost in 2020 is the current president.)

Trump also addressed the documents he kept at Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House, arguing that they couldn’t be seen by anyone, since he was “president all the time.”

This is a blatant lie, both because Trump was not the president, and because the prosecution has witness testimony and a recording that all suggest Trump showed off the documents to reporters and that Mar-a-Lago employees had access to them.

In one bizarre admission though, he announced that he never corrects his mistakes because he hates to admit he’s wrong. This, at least, nobody who’s heard him speak over the past decade will dispute.

Here Trump admits he trashed the border bill:

Trump plans to “run the East Coast” a third time…after losing much of it in 2016 and more in 2020:

Trump says he’d tell Russia to do whatever they want:

Trump muses about Major Michael Haley’s location, though the Haleys have been very open about his deployment:

Trump says he’d waive constitutional rules preventing a test from being issued to candidates, as if he would have that power:

Trump claims he never mixes up Obama and Biden, but just has “fun”:

Trump seems to think Obama is president:

Trump says he had Secret Service protection and the Mar-a-Lago documents were protected because “I was president all the time”:

Trump tells a truth, for a change:

Expect Trump’s lies and misinformation to continue at every rally he holds going forward.

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