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EXCUSES: Trump tries to dig his way out of MIXUP of Haley & Pelosi

EXCUSES: Trump tries to dig his way out of MIXUP of Haley & Pelosi


Donald Trump, the leading Republican candidate for president, devotes a lot of time to fending off arguments about his mental capability and stability.

Trump argues that it made sense for him to falsely claim that his primary opponent, Nikki Haley, was responsible for security at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, since he doesn’t like her or Representative Nancy Pelosi, so they’re essentially equivalent in his mind.

Trump has been defending himself for his repeated errors in which he mixes up foreign leaders, rally locations, current and former presidents, and even confused a Republican primary candidate with a Democrat in Congress.

The Haley-Pelosi mixup relies on a pyramid of lies, misstatements, and buck-passing.

Since January 6th, 2021, Trump has claimed that he can’t be held responsible for calling on his supporters to “stop the [imaginary] steal,” because he (wrongly) insists Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker at the time, was responsible for employing enough security to stave off his attack.

Then Trump mixed the two up, claiming that Haley was responsible for securing the Capitol, though, in fact, she held no government position at all at the time. Haley has campaigned hard on this, asking voters to consider how Trump can run the country if he can’t even remember who he’s running against.

Now Trump is recycling his defense for when he confuses President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, in which he claims that his own predecessor is secretly pulling the strings and operating the government in Biden’s stead — an argument that makes even less sense in the case of Haley and Pelosi. He argued:

“I say Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States meaning there’s a lot of control there….It’s very hard to be sarcastic. When I interpose, because I’m not a Nikki fan and I’m not a Pelosi fan, and when I purposely interpose [sic] names, they said he didn’t know Pelosi from Nikki, tricky Nikki, tricky dicky….”

Trump didn’t quite get around to explaining why he would suggest Haley had power over Pelosi back in 2021 if that’s what he’s trying to suggest. If not, he didn’t make any other explanation of why it would make sense to falsely claim Haley was responsible for security at the Capitol.

Watch below.


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