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FAKE ID: How Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett falsely accused a man of being the Chiefs shooter

FAKE ID: How Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett falsely accused a man of being the Chiefs shooter

If an immigrant is accused of a crime, GOP Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) is on watch to post articles, screenshots, photos, and innuendo on his social media feed. Now another man is suffering the repercussions for Burchett getting it wrong.

Denton Loudermill joined thousands of other Kansas City Chiefs fans at a celebratory parade on Valentine’s Day, where, along with many of his fellow attendees, he had several drinks and got caught up in the excitement. When police cordoned off the scene after gunfire broke out, though, he was detained for public intoxication and refusing to clear the scene.

Loudermill was let off without charges, and he was never a suspect in the shooting. Nor is he an immigrant, undocumented or otherwise. None of that stopped Burchett from posting the false claims though. Attaching a pic of Loudermill in handcuffs, Burchett tweeted:

“One of the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade shooters has been identified as an illegal Alien.”

It was a lie, and the tweet stayed up for days, even after the actual suspects were arrested, Loudermill was released, and Twitter users attached a corrective note to the post.

Nor was Burchett alone in spreading disinformation. Republicans in Missouri also made posts falsely accusing Loudermill of being both the shooter and an undocumented immigrant. KCTV5 reports:

“I’d hope this first-hand experience with violent illegal immigrants & repeat violent offenders–children shot at a parade–will help them see the urgent need to close our borders, stop promoting Sanctuary Cities to violent illegal immigrants & end liberal catch & release policies for violent criminals,” [State Senator Denny] Hoskins posted.

Both tweets have been deleted as of February 19th, five days after the falsehoods were first spread, but Loudermill is still suffering for the lies, and has hired a lawyer and held a press conference to help clear his name, according to Scripps News.

It’s not entirely clear whether Burchett finally deleted the tweet himself, or if Twitter deleted it in response to reports, but he has issued neither a correction nor an apology.

Instead, by the next day, he was retweeting disinformation about a different shooter, Genesse Moreno — who was the person responsible for the shooting at Houston’s Lakewood Church last week. The post he shared (from right-wing disinformation outlet Libs of TikTok) claims that Moreno is an illegal immigrant and transgender. It’s also false, accordingto ABC.

In fact, Moreno is a cisgender woman, who reportedly suffered a variety of mental health struggles including schizophrenia.

As to whether she was actually in the country illegally, that claim appears to surface entirely from an affidavit written by her former mother-in-law, who says that concern about potential deportation is the reason Moreno’s ex-husband didn’t press charges against her previously. That argument seems belied by the fact that Moreno has faced criminal charges several times previously.

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