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REBELLION: RNC donors upset over Lara Trump taking over

REBELLION: RNC donors upset over Lara Trump taking over

From all indications, Donald Trump plans to virtually own and run the RNC as his own organization, one that exists to serve him, both financially and in promoting his policies. And how better to control the RNC than to staff leadership with his own family, in this case, daughter-in-law Lara Trump?

It now appears that at least some RNC donors are not happy with the change and suspect Lara is there to be Trump’s eyes and ears.

But Trump has already moved, first to have Ronna McDaniel pushed out of the organization by refusing to endorse her as Chairwoman. In her absence, Trump will take on greater control by endorsing his most loyal candidates.

As of now, those candidates are Michael Whatley, the primary chair; Laura Trump – as co-chair; and Chris LaCivita, as the final endorsees.

Trump crony Steve Bannon says that the entire purge of all 168 RNC employees will be completed within 30 days — then he goes on to say that the RNC was an anti-Trump hotbed, all while calling the anti-Trump bias of the RNC an “open secret.”

It couldn’t have been that open, or the RNC would have communicated with Trump better. One must remember that RNC rules prevent it from endorsing or helping any candidate until that candidate is the official nominee.

That is now the bar for the “hotbed” of anti-Trumpism? Hardly. Trump is going to need all the campaign money he can get — especially since he’s spending so much of the money raised. by his PACs on legal expenses — and the RNC could provide more cash just when he needs it.

What to do?

Trump always perceived family as the most reliable and loyal executives. Lara Trump was an obvious choice for co-chair; As was North Carolina’s former RNC state chair, Michael Whatley, who claimed that North Carolina’s 2020 election was kept safe, and that’s why Trump won. Finally, Chris LaCevita will also serve in leadership.

Once installed, they will expunge careerists  — or “party-crats” — and replace them with 168 new members, the more “campaign experienced” Trump people.

This has donors wary and in fear.

Long-time party leaders view Lara Trump as winning an endorsement based on nepotism, and lacking experience, particularly with fundraising — a primary duty in that position.

A Trump 2020 campaign official says:

“Lara Trump as the solution is a joke… She’s not there to be an asset to the RNC, she’s there to be Trump’s eyes and ears.”

It is easy to understand why donors are concerned. They must believe that the biggest donors — the whales — will be the first, and possibly only, donors that Lara Trump can access given her lack of experience.

One Republican operative said, “GOP donors are in full panic mode over the possibility of Lara Trump. The RNC needs someone who can rack in the dough for Trump. She ain’t it.”

This is just the prequel to a possible Trump Administration, where many in the “deep state” will be purged and replaced by pre-approved Trump loyalists. The America First PAC is putting the list together, and it is said to have 50,000 people on it, ready to be immediately replace those that are not seen as loyalists.

This will get far worse if Trump is elected.

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Jason Miciak
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