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UNDERWHELMING VICTORY: Trump South Carolina win shows his weakness

UNDERWHELMING VICTORY: Trump South Carolina win shows his weakness

Donald Trump won the Republican primary in South Carolina, as expected, and in his victory speech declared that it was an even bigger win than predicted. He passed Nikki Haley by a margin of about 20 points, in fact, but the bigger question is where her voters will go in the general election.

Taking 59.8% of the Republican vote would be a welcome victory for any candidate working their way up to the nomination. It’s not quite so hot, though, for a man essentially running as the incumbent in his party, someone whose supporters claim that he’s actually the real winner of the last election.

(By contrast, the actual incumbent, Joe Biden, won his primary in South Carolina with 96% of the vote.)

Worse for Trump’s chances is the fact that as many as half of Haley’s primary voters are saying they wouldn’t vote for Trump in the general election if he’s the nominee. Some may change their minds if it came to a Trump-Biden matchup, but many said they’d either vote for Biden or sit the election out, according to The New York Times, which interviewed 40 of Haley’s primary voters.

Those who say they would never cast a ballot for Trump cite concerns including his support of the attack on the Capitol, and his lack of support for military members.

In fact, around a quarter of Republicans are saying that they are in the Never-Trump camp now, according to a Fox Newsreport that President Biden’s campaign shared

It reflects the concern that many prominent Republicans have expressed, that if Trump continues to be the voice of the party, Republicans will continue to lose elections, because a significant portion of Republican voters simply will not support him.

The 2020 election was a close one in many states, and Biden emerged victorious. If Trump hopes to win in 2024, he’ll need his whole party behind him, and at this point, he doesn’t have it.

The Biden campaign emphasizes that even Fox News is acknowledging many Republicans are over Trump.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley — Trump’s last remaining opponent for the Republican presidential nomination — is determined to stay in the race until Super Tuesday despite having lost in her home state.

Whether she’s waiting to see if Trump’s legal problems forces him out of the race —leaving her the only viable contender left — or just wants to continue raking in the stream of Never-Trump GOP political donations is difficult to ascertain, but her attacks on Trump will continue for at least a while longer now.

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