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INSIDER TESTIMONY: Trump hush money trial will feature Hope Hicks as prosecution witness

INSIDER TESTIMONY: Trump hush money trial will feature Hope Hicks as prosecution witness

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Hope Hicks, a former advisor to Donald Trump who has already spilled on some of his worst behavior surrounding January 6th, is expected to take the witness stand in a few short weeks when he faces trial in New York for felony falsification of business records.

Hicks testified after January 6th, sharing text messages showing that she had urged Trump to call for protests to be peaceful and nonviolent, and stating that he had refused to do so. Now, she’s expected to testify about his alleged efforts to falsify financial documents in order to hide that he had made hush money payments to cover up an affair.

Trump’s trial begins April 15th — unless he finds any way to delay it further — and known key witnesses are Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who has been telling her story about several sexual encounters with the former president, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney who admits he helped arrange payments to buy Daniels’ silence.

Hicks, as a political consultant, was connected to Trump’s campaign and administration, serving in communications roles and as a counselor to the president. She was reportedly on phone calls with Trump and Cohen as hush money payments were planned and arranged. NBC reports:

“Former White House communications director Hope Hicks is expected to be a witness for the prosecution when the falsifying business records case against Donald Trump goes to trial in New York this month…Hicks met for several hours last year with the Manhattan prosecutors who brought the case.”

Hicks, unlike some others who’ve since left Trump’s inner circle, hasn’t released a podcast or book, or made multiple appearances on news programs. She’s maintained a low profile, rarely even appearing in headlines over the years since Trump left office.

Last year, she reportedly spoke for hours to prosecutors in this same case, but afterward left without speaking to media, according to the Associated Press.

There’s speculation that she could be a less-impeachable witness, since Team Trump can’t really claim she’s trying to sell books or earn accolades, as he does with some other witnesses. (Daniels just released a docuseries on her experiences with Trump, for instance, and Cohen has a podcast. Both have released books.)

As of this writing, Trump has not responded to the news that Hicks will be taking the stand, although common wisdom would indicate that it is bad news for him in the case.

Below, see a clip of Hicks’ testimony to the January 6th Committee, in which she talks about trying to convince Trump (through intermediaries) to encourage nonviolence.


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