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UNREPENTANT: Trump already TESTING LIMITS of expanded gag order

UNREPENTANT: Trump already TESTING LIMITS of expanded gag order

After Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, the court has expanded an already-existing gag order. Previously, Judge Merchan had forbidden Trump to make public statements attacking court staff and their families, but has now granted a request to explicitly include the judge’s daughter.

The judge wrote the order with emphasis on the fact that he is not altering, but clarifying, the initial order, which forbids statements about any counsel in the case besides the District Attorney; any member of the court’s staff or the District Attorney’s staff; and any family members of any of the aforementioned staff, as well as family members of the judge or District Attorney.

It also emphasizes that this applies only to statements intended to interfere with the proceedings, or to induce others to interfere, or that Trump must reasonably know would do so. Without that caveat though, Trump is also not allowed to make any statements at all about any juror or prospective juror, or have anyone do so on his behalf. Trump responded Tuesday morning, around 7:15 AM:

“I just was informed that another corrupt New York Judge, Juan Merchan, GAGGED me so that I can not talk about the corruption and conflicts taking place in his courtroom…They can talk about me, but I can’t talk about them??? That sounds fair, doesn’t it? This Judge should be recused, and the case should be thrown out.”

However, that didn’t stop him from posting, about an hour and a half later, a Fox News clip that mentioned Merchan’s daughter, and implied that those calling out Trump for spreading lies about her were the ones actually in the wrong. Host Brian Kilmeade said:

“The judge’s daughter is an activist who works for Kamala Harris. There is some dispute on whether she did have a picture up on a website with Donald Trump behind bars.”

Trump not only posted the clip, but pinned it to the top of his TruthSocial feed, ensuring it’s the first thing seen by anyone who visits his page.

The Judge’s daughter, who is not a party to the case, is a political consultant who has worked with a variety of clients. The social media profile in question is one she reportedly closed, and the handle has allegedly been co-opted by some unidentified individual.

These specific claims appeared on Trump’s social media previously, prompting the new gag order clarification, which you can see in part below.

As of press time, Judge Merchan has yet to respond to any of Trump’s behavior since the gag order clarification was issued.

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