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HUMBLED? Ron DeSantis says he’ll fundraise for Trump campaign

HUMBLED? Ron DeSantis says he’ll fundraise for Trump campaign

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Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were at odds for a while, but now that only one is seeking the presidency (this year, at least), they can try being pals again.

The two Florida politicians launched multiple attacks on one another while they fought for the Republican nomination. Moreover, when DeSantis dropped out, he gave Trump a lukewarm endorsement, accusing him of being too pro-vaccine, but saying that he’s a better choice than President Joe Biden.

Now, he’s ready to start fundraising for the man whom he once tried to usurp as the idol of the Republican Party.

For Trump’s part, he attacked DeSantis, said that the Florida Governor could never have been elected without his endorsement, described his then-opponent begging for support, and slammed him as disloyal for running in the first place.

Right now, though, he’s not in a position to reject anyone’s financial support.

DeSantis appears to be beginning to direct his voters and supporters toward the former president, perhaps seeking not only the embrace of Trump and his campaign but of the MAGA base ahead of 2028. NBC reported:

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told donors and supporters at a private retreat last weekend that he plans to help raise money for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to three sources familiar with the matter. DeSantis told his allies about the move to help Trump during a private gathering Saturday at South Florida’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, these people said.”

DeSantis’s audience was reportedly receptive, with several prominent donors saying they’re happy to support Trump. The Governor’s campaign said that DeSantis intends to throw his support behind Republicans running for a variety of other offices as well.

Aside from Trump, DeSantis’ weekend donor event reportedly centered around efforts to “keep Florida front and center in the conservative movement,” according to Politico.

Nonetheless, some other Republicans complained about the event, saying that it was pulling support away from what they believed should be the primary focus of the party from now until November: restoring Trump to political power.

Trump’s campaign even complained about the event, with some saying they expected donors to skip it altogether to attend Trump’s fundraiser the same weekend instead, and one Trump campaign official described it as “competing with the entire Republican cause,” according to NewsNation.

The former president does not yet seem to have gotten the word that DeSantis is telling his supporters to donate to Trump instead.

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