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SOMNABULENT: Trump can’t keep his eyes open during jury selection

SOMNABULENT: Trump can’t keep his eyes open during jury selection

Monday was a rough day for a man who isn’t used to having to go through the same processes as the common people, as former president Donald Trump found himself in a criminal courtroom, and, according to reporters, was either so worn out or so overwhelmed he dozed off at the defense table.

Tuesday isn’t looking much better.

With Donald Trump, it is said that every accusation is a projection, and he’s been calling President Biden “Sleepy Joe” since the 2020 campaign. It was Trump, though who was described by multiple reporters as seeming worn out during Monday’s session, dropping his chin to his chest, closing his eyes, then jerking awake again.

The result was the entire internet mocking Trump for projecting his own struggles onto Biden. There were jokes about his alleged use of medications to stay awake, a claim that was made by former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler. Both Casler and actor Tom Arnold have claimed to have witnessed Trump snorting Adderall, according to Newsweek.

“Adderall is hard to come by without the White House pharmacy,” tweeted Florida Keys Dems, referencing the rampant prescription mishandling during Trump’s term that earned his White House doctor, Ronny Jackson, a military demotion.

Another Twitter user posted, “True to his word, he ain’t woke,” adding the hashtag, “#DonSnoreleone.”

Even President Biden’s campaign mocked the former president’s apparent inability to stay awake through the day’s proceedings, comparing it to his all-night rage-posting and his energy for anti-choice rhetoric.

One meme (the “sleeping Shaq” template) they shared juxtaposed the text “sitting in court” next to a sleeping face, and  “posting at 3am about taking away a woman’s right to choose” next to the blazing woke-face.

In another, the Biden campaign used the hashtag “#SleepyDon” with an image of Trump, eyes closed, on the golf course, edited to show sheep dancing over his head, with a lullaby in the background, and the quote from reporter Maggie Haberman attached:

“Trump appears to be sleeping. His head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack.”

Trump reportedly glared angrily at Haberman as he exited the courtroom, with the popular speculation being that it was because she tattled on him and embarrassed him publicly.

The embarrassment didn’t prevent it happening again on Tuesday, though. According to Law360 reporter Frank Runyeon:

“Trump’s head slowly dropped, his eyes closed. It jerked back upward. He adjusts himself. Then, his head droops again. He straightens up, leaning back. His head doops for a third time, he shakes his shoulders. Eyes closed still. His head drops. Finally, he pops his eyes open.”

Trump has not yet publicly denied sleeping in court.

Biden’s campaign hits Trump hard after reports of the former president sleeping through his criminal trial.

Team Biden is giving Trump a hard time about being unable to stay awake through court on Monday.

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