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LET’S PRETEND: Trump now IMPERSONATING a president with foreign dignitaries

LET’S PRETEND: Trump now IMPERSONATING a president with foreign dignitaries

Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States. So, why is he hosting foreign leaders and handing out gifts that seem to be designed to look like official White House memorabilia?

Back when Trump was in the White House, he had a special souvenir created: an ornate key that he titled the “key to the White House.” He handed it out to official visitors.

Now, while no longer in office, Trump has taken several steps to present a false image that he’s still in charge, including proclaiming the “office of the former president” and referring to himself as “President Trump” in all his filings for his various criminal charges.

Now, as he campaigns to return to the White House, he’s boasting that he hosts foreign leaders at his properties — and he seems to be resurrecting the habit of handing out White House keys. He posted the below photo on TruthSocial:

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/TruthSocial]
That’s Trump with former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, who held the role from 2008 to 2009, is currently the Vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party, and has held other roles in between. What the loser of the last presidential election is handing over is a fancy key in a box with an image of the White House printed inside the lid.

It’s particularly bizarre that Trump is hosting foreign leaders — especially when questions have already been raised about his handling of national security documents since he left the White House. He also posted a video, a copy of which you can see below, posted on Twitter by his campaign Press Secretary.

Just last week, Trump also announced he had hosted Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, releasing a short and blurry video of that visit.

If he also gifted Duda with a key to the White House, he didn’t boast about it publicly in that case.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/TruthSocial]
It’s easy to see why at least some foreign dignitaries would accept an invitation from a twice-impeached former president facing 88 felonies. He’s running to return to office, and if he should succeed, keeping a positive relationship with the leader of the United States will be beneficial to their countries.

The question is more, why are Americans tolerating an ousted ex-president pretending he’s still a leader?

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