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JEALOUSY: Fawning Howard Stern interviews Biden & Trump explodes in anger

JEALOUSY: Fawning Howard Stern interviews Biden & Trump explodes in anger

Shock Jock Howard Stern has hosted former president Donald Trump many times, including long before Trump had a political career. Stern has proven himself a pro at eliciting such viral gems as Trump’s disgusting comments sexualizing his daughter, and his confession of predatory behavior at pageants.

When President Joe Biden appeared on Stern’s show this week, however, the interviews were worlds apart. In some cases, Biden’s replies were aiming to tone down Stern’s political rhetoric, such as when the host described the Supreme Court as “nuts” and Biden responded that the bench is “extremely conservative.”

No MAGA fanatic could have walked away from this episode feeling happy, though. The two criticized Trump’s behavior on January 6th, the Supreme Court’s ripping away of reproductive freedom, and other ubiquitous right-wing agendas. When Biden said he’d be happy to debate Trump, Stern had some advice.

“This is how I would handle it…I would stand there on stage with Trump ,and I would repeat over and over again, ‘Excuse me please find me 11,000 votes so that I can win the election’…and then I’d say to the audience, ‘What are we debating?’ A man picked up the phone and wanted to say fake the election give me 11,000 votes’…that’s the end of the debate. You don’t get to run if you’re going to fix an election.”

Trump has already responded, in a long post that repeated many of his usual lies, distortions, and exaggerations, describing the program (which YouGov rates as the 12th most popular show on the air) as the “dying Howard Stern Show,” and demanding Biden “set it up right now.”
He even proposed that the debate should be held at the White House, a building he hasn’t entered in nearly 4 years.
That was doubtlessly not the part of the show that enraged Trump the most, though. The president hit several other topics, including the story of his family encouraging him to accept then-candidate Barack Obama’s invitation to be VP, a discussion of his son Beau, and more.

It’s the end of the interview, though — when Stern took time to praise Biden for his work in the White House — that surely enraged his predecessor. Stern said, in part:

“You’re the kind of leader I love. We’re lucky to have you in the Oval Office, and serving as the father of the country…I want to thank you for providing a calming influence an organizated post-covid, getting that vaccine…standing up to Putin, the incredible large growth in the jobs, unemployment rate down…”

He went on to list more accomplishments and ongoing efforts, including fighting for LGBT rights, marijuana legalization, and more.

That’s a sharp contrast to how Stern played with Trump when he visited the program, pushing him to admit more and more outrageous and shocking thoughts and behaviors. You can see some moments from Trump’s appearances below. Note the entirely opposite tone, focused on sexuality, power plays, and fame.

After this interview, at least we won’t have to guess which candidate has Howard Stern’s support.

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