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SNOOZIN’ AND LOSIN’: Why can’t Trump keep his eyes open in court?

SNOOZIN’ AND LOSIN’: Why can’t Trump keep his eyes open in court?

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As Tuesday shapes up to be an important day in Donald Trump’s criminal trial, he is reported to be resuming his habit of snoozing through testimony, say reporters from the courtroom.

Though Trump had a long weekend off to rest up from sitting through trial — and did not spend that time on the campaign trail holding rallies — he started Tuesday morning off by complaining that he has to be in court instead of spending his day in Georgia or Florida.

In court, though, he reportedly did what he cannot do during a rally: took a little nap.

Today, attorney Keith Davidson took the stand to answer questions about his role in facilitating payments to silence Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal. Reporters began noting at this point that Trump seemed to be struggling to stay awake. NBC reported:

“Trump appears to have fallen asleep while listening to testimony — at times appearing to stir and then falling back to sleep. Trump’s eyes were closed for extended periods and his head has at times jerked in a way consistent with sleeping.”

MSNBC also shared that their reporters inside the courtroom were seeing the same signs.

At this point, it was around 12:30 pm. The court broke for lunch at 1:00 pm, giving Trump the opportunity to grab some food and fresh air, or a little rest break, or whatever it might take him to be prepared to resume trial, ideally awake.

Trump’s loss of stamina has been a significant topic of conversation throughout this trial, not only because he’s been caught sleeping. After a 2016 clip of Trump at a North Carolina rally, denying that he knew any of the women who had come forward, was entered into evidence, George Conway, an attorney who has been active in anti-Trump activism and has been present during the trial, tweeted:

“What I found interesting about the 2016 tapes (but irrelevant to this trial) is they show how much Trump’s ability to express himself has so substantially deteriorated over the past eight years. It’s quite dramatic in that sense.”

Meanwhile, it’s clear that the Trump camp is trying to negate this image. His son Eric Trump, for instance, has appeared on Fox News to declare that sitting in a courtroom all day and then going into a bodega and greeting supporters is proof of his father’s incredible stamina.

Alina Habba, one of his attorneys who is not involved in this particular case, has defended Trump too, arguing that he was probably not asleep during court earlier this month, but reading, which she says he does a lot of.

Trump himself has not responded to the reports that he can’t keep himself upright through a court session.

Given that Trump is deprived of the massive caffeine doses that he normally ingests as a part of his substantial Diet Coke addiction, might we suggest that he bring a little NoDoz into the courtroom with him next time?

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