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OccupyDemocrats.com is a news website featuring advocacy journalism from a team of writers publishing stories containing breaking news, news analysis, or opinion content, all of which are labeled according to one of those three top-line categories to accurately inform our readers of the nature of the story they are viewing.

A news story tells the viewer what happened. A news analysis story interprets the meaning of the news using facts and history and may anticipate how events unfold. An opinion column expresses the writer’s opinion about the news, though opinion columnists may also break factual news stories in their opinion columns. An editorial, editorial meme or editorial opinion features the opinion of the publishers.

This website commits to our readers that we will stick to the facts at hand and truthfully presents those facts to inform our readers, which is why this is a news website. We report with transparency about the political viewpoints associated with our team as Democrats, which is why we are advocates.

This website’s content is published with complete editorial independence from the publishers, whose only role is hiring the executive team and administrative matters.

The memes and videos on the Occupy Democrats Facebook page and Twitter pages are run by our publishers as an editorial opinion operation. They reflect the views of the publishers, except when news staffers publish link content, interviews, or other editorial content from persons listed on this page below.

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Occupy Democrats are constantly striving to produce the best possible content and values all feedback from our readers. If you have any concerns, comments, compliments, or corrections you’d like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to email us at editor@occupydemocrats.com or reach out on Twitter to @OccupyDemocrats.

If you have any story tips or videos you’d like us to share or feel that we should cover, please email us at tips@occupydemocrats.com. Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to use any voluntarily submitted content as we see fit.

Correction, Clarification, and Update Policy: We are committed to truthful publication. If you discover a factual inaccuracy in our stories and report it, we will thoroughly review the submission and apply corrections to any erroneous publications as soon as reasonably possible. Sometimes, we file clarifications of a story if there is inconclusive, confusing, or incomplete information available. If your request for correction provides new information or advances a story, then it may be published as an update. If news events require a story edit under this policy, we will edit our story accordingly and provide a notice at the top and history of all changes in the footer of the story.


FOUNDERS and OWNERS: Rafael Rivero and Omar Rivero, who you can follow on Twitter @OmarRiverosays.

EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Grant Stern – contact him.

MANAGING EDITOR: Vinnie Longobardo (West Coast) – contact him.



OPINION COLUMNISTS: David M. Weissman, Peter Morley, Camara Williams


Founded in late 2012 by Omar and Rafael Rivero, Occupy Democrats is a political organization and an advocacy journalism news website that provides an online counterbalance to the Republican “Tea Party.” Since then, it has grown into the largest and most active community of Democratic voters in the world and has spearheaded the resistance to President Trump and his radical supporters.

The Occupy Movement changed the national conversation around the issue of class and inequality, but unlike the Tea Party, it, unfortunately, failed to achieve major legislative victories. Inspired by the Occupy Movement’s revolutionary energy and ideals, we aim to create a more equal society for ALL by working with progressives, labor unions, and the Democratic Party to beat back the wealthy oligarchs and their servants in Congress.

Our mission is to Occupy Democrats on November 2022 AND BEYOND by voting in a LANDSLIDE of progressive Democratic candidates dedicated to fighting for President Biden’s agenda and making Congress work for Main Street instead of Wall Street. We’re going to do that by advancing a bold progressive agenda, including Medicare-for-All, free public college tuition, and a $15 federal minimum wage for hard-working Americans.

While Trump’s MAGA cronies have nearly the entire Republican caucus in Congress ruthlessly pursuing their extreme agenda, Occupy Democrats is an ever-growing MOVEMENT dedicated to preventing that! Let’s give Trump and the GOP the boot — for good! — by electing a slate of newly-energized progressives to Congress.

Working through the democratic process, We The People will rise up to support President Biden, elect a Congress that will work to fix the economy, create jobs, promote fairness, fight racism, protect a woman’s right to choose, and get money OUT of politics!


Thank you for being a part of Occupy Democrats.

Editorial Indpendence Statement: 

The Occupy Democrats newsroom is a for-profit journalism entity that operates independently of any political organizations, including those owned by its publishers who do not participate in the website’s editorial chats or news publication decisions.

Ownership disclosure: Our publisher/owner/founders also run the Occupy Democrats Election Fund PAC

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