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“They know he’s guilty”: George Conway saddened by GOP Senators’ gaslighting in Trump defense

“They know he’s guilty”: George Conway saddened by GOP Senators’ gaslighting in Trump defense

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Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, conservative GOP attorney George Conway continued his crusade to hold Donald Trump and his own Republican party accountable for the abdication of their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

Conway, as he has in his persistent criticism of the president’s misdeeds and diminished intellectual functioning on his popular Twitter feed, excoriated Trump and his legal defense team for their attempts to portray the president’s actions as anything other than nakedly corrupt self-interest.

However, the leading figure in the “Never Trump” wing of traditionalist Republicans saved his most savage comments for the cowardly Republican Senators poised to acquit the president without even hearing a shred of evidence from the first-hand witnesses to Trump’s actions — actions that they criticize Democrats for failing to provide despite the fact that it was the president himself who forbade his staff from honoring the subpoenas they received.

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Discussing with host Jake Tapper the responsibility of the Senate to hear all of the available evidence against the president, Conway said:

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“That’s what a trial is! That’s what this is supposed to be for! And their job is to hear the evidence, to hear all of it! Not some of it, or none of it, which seems to be the way they’re going.”

Asked his reaction to GOP Senators who are dead set against allowing new witnesses and evidence to be presented at the trial, Conway pointedly asked:

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“What are they afraid of? What are they afraid of? That they’re going to hear evidence that they don’t like? They must be afraid of something. And that’s the thing that I find most disturbing about it: if they don’t want to hear the evidence because they know the truth. They know he’s guilty. And they don’t want to hear the evidence because they don’t want the American people to see it too.”

As one of the few Republicans willing to admit to the obvious nakedness of the president while his fellow members of the GOP continue to shower praise on Trump’s invisible clothing, Conway was emotional in describing his disappointment with the Republican defenders of the criminal chief executive.

“I’m deeply saddened,” Conway confessed. “It is very upsetting and this is a moment of reckoning not just for the country and the rule of law and the constitution, but it is a specific day of reckoning for the Republican senators who took this oath, and the Republican party generally, are they going to stand for lies instead of truth?”

“Are they going to stand for gaslighting instead of reality? Are they going to just do the bidding of this one man and put his interests over those of the country? That is what this is about,” he concluded ominously.

If the Republican party manages to survive the impact that the rise of Donald Trump has had upon the credibility and viability of their continued existence once the fallout from Trump’s assault on constitutional norms is fully revealed and rectified — whether through his impeachment or through his defeat at the ballot box — George Conway may be one of the few remaining GOP thought leaders who will be able to continue to speak with any authority, having never succumbed to the slavish devotion to the golden calf, the false god that is the Trump presidency.

You can watch George Conway’s exchange with Jake Tapper on CNN‘s State of the Union in the video clip below.

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