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Don Jr. dragged for pathetic attempt to land his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle a spot on The View

Don Jr. dragged for pathetic attempt to land his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle a spot on The View

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Meghan McCain, The View’s token conservative, has announced that she will be departing the show at the end of this season. The program is now reportedly scrambling to find another right-winger to replace her so that there will be at least one person capable of spewing the same lazy, discredited conservative talking points every episode. The dog and pony show must go on.

The Daily Mail reports that at least one insider at the show thinks The View should hire a “Trump conservative” like MAGA maniac and infamous screecher Kimberly Guilfoyle, former Fox host Megyn Kelly, or far-right provocateur and virulent ignoramus Candance Owens — a woman who once spoke favorably of Adolf Hitler. In a perfect world, none of these odious women would be given a platform to broadcast their reactionary worldviews into American living rooms, but unfortunately we live in a world where conflict and hatred sell.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump Jr. is pushing for his girlfriend Guilfoyle to nab the coveted spot. No doubt he sees it as yet another opportunity to seize a chunk of popular media and infect it with his father’s messaging. Yesterday, Don Jr. blasted out a tweet saying that even he would watch The View if she were on it.

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“Kim vs the other 4 doesn’t seem like a fair fight though. You may need a few more libs,” wrote the former president’s son, grossly overestimating the rhetorical talents of his partner.

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Meghan McCain is the furthest thing from an intellectual titan and owes most of her success to her last name and the way in which nepotism greases wheels in the TV world, but Guilfoyle makes her look like the greatest mind since Leonardo da Vinci in comparison. At least McCain, as perenially wrong about the issues as she might be, isn’t a MAGA acolyte. She at least attempts to make it seem like American conservatism has some ideas left.

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Guilfoyle on the other hand believes in nothing beyond her own ascendant power and influence. She will gleefully magnify the dangerous misinformation constantly being pumped out by the Trump camp and hasten the dumbing down of this country. She should stick to embarrassing herself at conservative conventions.

Don Jr.’s boosterism was met with a wave of much-deserved mockery.

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