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NO SHAME: Mike Lindell gives away Bible blankets to Hurricane victims, then uses destroyed home as a marketing prop

NO SHAME: Mike Lindell gives away Bible blankets to Hurricane victims, then uses destroyed home as a marketing prop

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell apparently thought the best way to help residents of Florida devastated by Hurricane Ian was to give away Bible pillows, then hawk his wares on a convicted felon’s podcast. Spotted in Florida this week giving away thousands of his company’s pillow and bedding products, Lindell appeared on former Trump aide Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast shortly afterwards.

“They can get themselves one and it helps support everything today, using the promo code ‘War Room,'” Lindell told Bannon with the backdrop of a home that appeared to have been destroyed by the hurricane behind him. “The people were so grateful. They were very friendly and we prayed with many,”  Business Insider reported Lindell as saying.

The Trump loyalist appeared to take a break from subverting democracy and trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election to give away pillows. In all fairness, Walmart won’t even carry them, leaving Lindell with little else to do with them.

Lindell was seen Thursday walking through Fort Myers and meeting people whose properties were destroyed by Hurricane Ian, one of the worst storms the state has ever seen.

Republicans have made a habit out of turning tragedies into performative acts of “patriotism” and so-called heroism. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly stopped rescue efforts for a photo-op, as volunteers were pulling bodies out of the flood waters.

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Emotions and tensions were high when rescue workers asked a law enforcement officer why they had to halt their important efforts.

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The over 12,000 bedding products delivered to the area by truck, included over 7,000 MyPillows, over 2,500 “Bible Pillows,” and nearly the same number of blankets.

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For someone claiming to have been “canceled” by the left – and to be going broke – Lindell sure seems to have copious amounts of time and money to criss-cross the country on his private jet, give away free merchandise and spend millions – in his words – “proving” that the 2020 election was stolen from his friend Donald Trump.

This isn’t the first time the textile entrepreneur was “generous” with his pillows.

During the Canadian trucker’s protest, Lindell attempted to send a shipment to the disgruntled anti-vaxxers, but it was denied entry by the Canadian Border Services agency.

The Trump sycophant told The Daily Beast that he had considered dropping pillows from helicopters into Canada with “little parachutes.”

Original reporting by Cheryl Teh at Business Insider.

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