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ENOUGH: Hunter Biden THREATENS Fox News with defamation lawsuit

ENOUGH: Hunter Biden THREATENS Fox News with defamation lawsuit

Fox News just finished settling a defamation suit from Dominion Voting Systems this time last year and is still battling another from Smartmatic, even countersuing to claim the lawsuit is frivolous. If the network doesn’t back off Hunter Biden and tell the truth about the president’s son, they could be caught up in further litigation.

Along with other false right-wing propaganda, Fox News and its hosts have communicated to viewers that there was fraud in the 2020 election; that Donald Trump is a victim, rather than an (alleged) perpetrator; that President Biden is involved in corrupt dealings; and that Hunter Biden was involved in various criminal activities alleged by an FBI informant who has since been discredited.

The network has devoted significant attention to the younger Biden, a private citizen. In fact, a single Fox News host, Sean Hannity, aired 325 segments devoted to him in 2023, and of those, a Media Matters assessment found 220 that “included at least one false or misleading claim.”

Talk about living rent-free in someone’s head — that’s the equivalent of about two segments with false claims about Hunter Biden every three days — just from Hannity — and doesn’t even touch what other hosts were sharing, reporting, or allowing guests to claim.

Hunter’s attorneys have sent the network a warning. If they don’t retract the false or unsupported stories, and admit it, they’ll have another defamation case to contend with.

Bear in mind, after the Dominion suit was settled, at a cost to Fox News of $787 million, the network went through upheaval. Tucker Carlson, the late-night far-right host, was fired, for instance, which he’s said was part of the settlement, according to The Guardian, upsetting many of Tucker’s fans.

Furthermore, Hunter isn’t the only person threatening lawsuits if Fox News doesn’t correct reporting that stemmed from sham investigations carried out by Trump’s Congressional allies.

Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of the president’s son and a GOP witness in the impeachment hearings, has already sued one Fox News host for incorrectly stating that the Trump campaign was paying his legal fees, a mistake she corrected in the next day’s broadcast, according to The Hill.

Another host and Trump ally, Jonathan Turley, says that he’s been sent a letter by another Biden associate, Kevin Morris, threatening defamation. Turley claims Morris is just trying to silence “criticism,” but since the letter itself hasn’t been made public, it’s not clear exactly what comments Morris deemed defamatory.

After the Dominion lawsuit hurt their bottom line so significantly, one would think that Fox News would have learned its lesson.

Apparently not.

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