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Lauren Boebert accuses Democrats of pushing “gay supremacy” in incoherent babble

Lauren Boebert accuses Democrats of pushing “gay supremacy” in incoherent babble

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As Republican states re-open their business and prime the nation for yet another COVID-19 resurgence, their elected representatives are busy working hard to combat the most critical issues facing the American people today, like…gay, lesbian, and trans supremacy!

Wait, that can’t be right.

The gun-toting, food-poisoning radical Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) joined the podcast of disgraced Trump strategist Steve Bannon to discuss the Equality Act, a historic piece of Democratic legislation that would protect the rights of LGBTQIA Americans from discrimination from vicious bigots like Lauren Boebert.

“We can’t say the same for the so-called Equality Act, it’s the Democrats using a play on words, there’s nothing about ‘equality in that act,” it’s the, uh, it’s the, uh, supremacy, of gays and lesbians, and uh, and, and [sic] transextites, if you look at the Constitution, that is uh, where equality is ah, kept secure and held sacred? We have the 14th Amendment that holds. all. men. are. equal under. the. law, we need to hold that Supreme instead of woke ideologies,” slurred Boebert, who had serious issues delivering her nonsensical screed.

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The Equality Act is much more than a political document. It is a powerful expression of bill sponsor Rep. Marie Newman’s love for her daughter, who is trans, and the love that all Americans hold for their LGBTQIA children, friends, lovers, and parents, and the desire for them to be able to live their lives without the fear that they will be discriminated against for employment, housing, public accommodations, in schools or in court, at the bank or the bathroom.

Boebert and the rest of the new class of freshmen Trump acolytes that have invaded Congress have already proven themselves to be hateful, incoherent little savages with no opinions or policy ideas beyond persecuting the most vicious right-wing culture war nonsense and defending Trump’s hold over the Republican Party. It’s absolutely disgusting to hear them blabbing such ridiculous nonsense in a concentrated effort to hurt some of America’s most vulnerable and oppressed peoples.

There’s nothing “woke” about protecting human rights. It’s what this country ostensibly stands for.


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