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CENSURED: Former Trump attorney admits to lying–sort of

CENSURED: Former Trump attorney admits to lying–sort of

CENSURED: Former Trump attorney admits to lying--sort of

While former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis still insists she would never lie, and that her false statements about the 2020 election are merely the result of a “reckless state of mind,” she is admitting they’re false — and accepting a punishment from the judicial system.

Ellis is one of several attorneys, including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, who pushed Trump’s false claims of a ‘stolen election,’ and are now facing the consequences.

Now she’s accepting a judgment of public censure, but she’s not really backing down from the disinformation.

The statements for which Ellis is facing censure include tweets and statements made on news media, centering on her claims that the legal team fighting for Trump had evidence that the election was “stolen.”

She and others repeatedly told the public that there was evidence — altered ballots, statistics, witnesses, video, hard drives, and more — proving that Trump won re-election, but in courtroom after courtroom, they failed to produce any significant evidence.

In a tweet (as seen below) including a statement attributed to her attorney as well as one of her own, Ellis boasted that the censure does not affect her ability to practice law, and that by accepting it, she is able to remain “in good standing in the state of Colorado.”

She also insists that the action against her was politically-motivated and more about Trump hate than the false statements to which she confessed, and in a separate statement, she claimed she had never lied. From the Wall Street Journal:

“I would NEVER lie,” Ms. Ellis said. “Lying requires INTENTIONALLY making a false statement. I never did that, nor did I stipulate to or admit that.”
Meanwhile, Giuliani’s license to practice law remains suspended, and he could be disbarred for his involvement in promoting lies about the election.
He’s not the only one — John Eastman is, according to Forbes, facing charges in California and may also face disbarment, and both Giuliani and Powell are facing defamation suits for their unsupported accusations against Dominion Voting Systems.
Ellis, after dodging more serious consequences, seems unfazed. She tweeted:
“This was politically motivated from the start from Democrats and Never Trumpers. They ultimately failed to destroy me and failed in their attempt to deprive me of my bar license. I’m glad to have this behind me and remain in good standing in the State of Colorado.”
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