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An Ex-NSA Analyst Just Shredded Trump For Exploiting The Widow Of SEAL He Got Killed

An Ex-NSA Analyst Just Shredded Trump For Exploiting The Widow Of SEAL He Got Killed

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Former National Security Association (NSA) analyst and current security consultant John Schindler tore into Donald Trump last night for exploiting the widow of the Navy SEAL who died in Trump’s disastrous Yemen raid. Senior Chief Petty Office Ryan Owens was killed during a raid that left civilians dead while failing to kill any militants or collect any intelligence.

Owens’s wife, Carryn, was asked to stand during Trump’s Joint Session Address and was used as a symbol of military might and resilience. Trump falsely claimed that the mission had been successful and that her husband had not died in vain. Tragically, he did – as a direct result of Trump’s incompetence and ignorance.

Schindler drew attention to looks of rage on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (top military officials) during this portion of Trump’s address.

He retweeted a picture of the faces he was referring to, along with an excellent caption.

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Then Schindler continued on to denounce Trump’s exploitation of Carryn Owens in no uncertain terms.

The only good thing to come out of this horrific abuse committed by Trump is the forceful words of those, like Schindler, who see through the charade and expose the truth. Trump is a self-centered, ignorant, disgusting man who uses decent people to create a public image for himself. A man with that amount of disrespect for military families has no place in the White House.

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