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The UN Just Confirmed Trump Is Making America MISERABLE Again

The UN Just Confirmed Trump Is Making America MISERABLE Again

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The United Nations (UN) has released its annual ranking of countries by happiness. Under Trump, America, which used to be the third happiest country on earth just ten years ago, has tumbled to 19th place among rich countries and looks like it will keep falling if Trump’s abhorrent agenda is realized.

World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs explains that Americans are increasingly unhappy due to rising socioeconomic inequality and decreasing social mobility.

“The United States offers a vivid portrait of a country that is looking for happiness in ‘all the wrong places. The country is mired in a rolling social crisis that is getting worse.

“Yet the dominant political discourse is all about raising the rate of economic growth and the prescriptions for faster growth – mainly deregulation and tax cuts – are likely to exacerbate, not reduce, social tensions.”

Sachs, who has served as a longtime adviser to the UN, attributes American unhappiness to the rise of big money in politics, the “severe deterioration” of education, and the war on terror which has created an irrational climate of fear.

Trump, who has stocked his cabinet with Goldman Sachs bankers and other billionaire cronies, is going to make America a worse place on all three counts.

He is slashing education programs and cutting funding for public schools in order to replace them with voucher programs which have been proven time and again to not improve outcomes for students.

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Trump and his Muslim bans fear-monger not only about terror groups abroad, but incite fear and hatred towards Muslim Americans who ought to be treated as equal citizens.

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Sachs continued, denouncing Republican calls for deregulation and tax breaks for the rich as “doubly wrong-headed.” He elaborated, saying,

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“Most of the pseudo-elixirs for growth – especially the Republican party’s beloved nostrum of endless tax cuts and voodoo economics – will only exacerbate Americans’ social inequalities and feed the distrust that is already tearing society apart.”

So much for standing up for the little guy and reuniting a divided America.

Trump isn’t going to “make America great again.” He is going to make America more miserable than it has ever been. What a national disgrace.

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