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Trump viciously attacks MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in crudely insulting tweet

Trump viciously attacks MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in crudely insulting tweet

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Donald Trump may have left the White House premises for the first time in weeks to head to the presidential retreat at Camp David, but a cursory look at his Twitter feed today would show not much difference from his time cooped up indoors.

Trump’s idea of a relaxing weekend, while he is apparently still without the ability to worship at the shrine of the presidential golf cart, consists of scanning the twitter accounts of right-wing trolls and finding posts that validate his own grossly delusional sense of self-worth or his hostilely misanthropic world-views.

Besides confirming that he regularly reads the twitter feeds of extreme right-wing political agitators, Trump promoted the right-of-even-Fox News media outlet OANN in the type of commercial endorsement that a real president would never even think of doing for fear of violating ethics guidelines that this president thumbs his nose at on a daily basis.

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Besides acting as the marketing head of OANN, Trump singled himself out as perhaps one of the only people on the planet happy to see that the ruthless North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was not on his deathbed in a persistent vegetative state after Kim resurfaced in public after a long period where he was likely sequestering himself from the COVID-19 virus as any normal, sensible Supreme Leader would.

Multiple posts about Michael Flynn suggest that another unjustified pardon is on the way from a president whose idea of justice consists largely of pardoning deplorables whose crimes have in some way justified his own political stances, like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and rogue Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.

But it was Trump’s attack on a former Bush administration Republican political strategist-turned MSNBC anchor, Nicolle Wallace, that was the most vicious presidential attack of the day as Trump manifested his hatred of dogs and his self-proclaimed status as TV critic-in-chief in a highly personal putdown of the newscaster’s defense of former VP Joe Biden.

The irony of this particular president claiming that someone else “doesn’t have what it takes” to do their job was apparently lost on a president who has presided over the largest loss of American lives since World War II with his failures to plan for and react to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A president who cared about more than their own self-interest and their re-election wouldn’t be spending their time during a crisis like we are currently experiencing perusing the Twitter feeds of right-wing trolls and attacking the media. They would be uniting the country, not egging on armed protestors at state capitols.

One of Trump’s tweets today, like most days, referred to the Russian conspiracy to help him get elected as a Democratic hoax, but the reality is that Vladimir Putin couldn’t have asked for his own lapdog to do a better job of destroying America with divisiveness and an economic meltdown than Donald J. Trump.

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