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Trump forces himself back into spotlight with barrage of unhinged blog posts

Trump forces himself back into spotlight with barrage of unhinged blog posts

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Wow, it almost feels like the old days…before Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter.

With a flurry of posts on his blog this morning, the twice-impeached, one-term former president almost replicated the volume of posts that he would issue in a fusillade of rat-a-tat-tat tweets at the height of his social media dominance.

While it’s uncertain what inspired the newly regained fervor for morning social media proclamations, the impetus may have come from Trump’s morning TV viewing habits, as the first post of the morning was a vicious attack on MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and his co-host/wife Mika Brzezinski.

Here, Trump displays his trademarked vitriol towards any media figures who dare to question his status as the right-wing messiah without whom America can never be great again…at least in his own eyes.

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He also reinforces his obsession with TV ratings, one of the only currencies besides gold-plating that seems to matter in his delusional worldview.

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Now that he was warmed up, the disgraced ex-president turned his attention to the circus that is the latest audit of the ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County.

If one needed any further proof that he and his followers inhabit a different universe than any of the rest of us, Trump’s description of the “respect, even adoration” for the GOP state senators in Arizona for their authorization of this incompetently-conducted, partisan exercise provides more than enough evidence that he and his ilk departed the land of reality a long, long time ago.

In actuality, Trump’s well-documented and already confirmed loss in Arizona and the other swing states that he narrowly lost is what helped avert the disaster that his re-election would surely have been.

The one advantage — or disadvantage, depending on your point of view — of Trump being forced to post on his own website is the fact that he is no longer constrained by Twitter’s 280-character limit.

Naturally, he used the unlimited space for his copious verbosity to take credit for the development of COVID vaccines that are finally beginning to slow down the pandemic that was largely a creation of Trump’s own incompetence in failing to stem the spread of the coronavirus to begin with.

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Many people would argue that the development of COVID-19 vaccines happened more despite the Trump administration than because of it, but let the old man wallow in his harmless delusions as long as he continues to sit impotently at one of his golf resorts and no longer has the power to affect government policy.

Perhaps the reason Trump has been so active on his blog today is that he is heartened by the sheer number of people whom he’s convinced to believe his lies about his election loss and who now share his sick delusion that he remains the legitimate president of the United States.

It seems like the more appropriate comment on this recent polling data, rather than “I always knew America was smart,” would be a reprise of his 2016 campaign trail exhortation that “I love the poorly educated.”

Posts like this are exactly why Trump has been prohibited from participating on most major social media platforms since spreading lies about the results of the election — apparently, a quite dangerously effective tactic judging from the Ipsos/Reuters poll results — violates the terms of service on those platforms.

While publicizing Trump’s blog posts risks spreading his evil propaganda further than it may otherwise reach with the now-limited distribution of his personal platform, the danger of ignoring his blatherings that are somehow still taken seriously by his undiscerning mobs of true-believers is too great to ignore.

One must keep an eye on your opponents if you wish to vanquish them.

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