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Planned Parenthood Shooter's Ex-Wife: He's An Anti-Choice, Right-Wing Religious Zealot

Planned Parenthood Shooter's Ex-Wife: He's An Anti-Choice, Right-Wing Religious Zealot

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As the nation reels from the violent terrorist attack on a Colorado Springs, Colorado Planned Parenthood location, more details continue to emerge about the shooter, 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear. Dear has been the subject of numerous investigations in North Carolina and South Carolina, where he once lived. The latest bit of information regarding Dear that could lend clues to his motivation for carrying out this senseless act of terroristic violence is his ex-wife, Pamela Ross – despite the mainstream media’s efforts to portray him as just a disturbed old man.

Ross solicited the help of authorities when she was still married to Dear, in 1997, because he allegedly abused her in a domestic dispute. Interviews with Ross also reveal that that Dear was against abortion, very religious, and leaned toward the right-wing of the political spectrum. However, Ross said that she didn’t think he would do anything think like this, and that “It never, ever, ever, ever crossed my mind” that her ex-husband would become a mass murderer. “My heart just fell to my stomach,” Ross continued.

After Ross and Dear parted ways via divorce in 2000, Dear lived around various isolated areas in cabins and wooded lots. One person who was once Dear’s neighbor said:

“He was the kind of person you had to watch out for. He was a very weird individual. It’s hard to explain, but he had a weird look in his eye most of the time.”

After living in the Carolinas, Dear moved on to a tiny lot that he purchased into a ramshackle mobile home in Hartsel, Colorado, right near Colorado Springs, where the shooting took place. There was no running water, sewer, or electricity, and neighbors report that, once again, he took nothing to do with anyone else unless he had to.

Jim Anderson, the man who sold the land on which the mobile home stood to Dear through his real estate agency said that the shooter raised no red flags:

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“He seemed okay to me. Just like anybody who wanted to buy a piece of land in this one-horse town.”

This guy was a ticking time bomb, apparently, but the fact that he was a right-winger who hated abortion definitely means that conservatives have a lot of explaining to do. None of the GOP presidential candidates have acknowledged that this guy is a right-wing Christian extremist, and many conservatives are even defending this fool’s actions, because “abortion is murder.” That goes to show that no matter how horrific the act, the right-wing will find a way to justify it and hide from their own responsibility.

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