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Carson Just Revealed Trump’s 5 Possible Running Mates. Four Are Scary. One is LAUGHABLE.

Carson Just Revealed Trump’s 5 Possible Running Mates. Four Are Scary. One is LAUGHABLE.

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In what has to be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats, the presumptive Republican nominee for president Donald Trump keeps on driving his campaign further and further into the realm of lunacy. You will recall that recently, the Trump campaign announced Dr. Ben Carson (who in April, suspended a bid for the Republican nod and now serves as a pitchman for Trump’s campaign) would head Trump’s vice presidential selection committee.

Earlier this week, it was announced “mission accomplished,” and further, that Carson is no longer on Trump’s V.P.-vetting team. Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business manager, told The Daily Beast: “What Trump wanted from Carson were names of who he would recommend for a potential candidate…Once those names were submitted, they decided to have [Corey] Lewandowski head up.”

Today, in an interview with the Washington Post, Carson announced that Tea Party darling and wingnut matriarch Sarah Palin was being considered for the position, along with all of his defeated rivals. “The most favorably regarded contenders after himself were John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Chris Christie…Those are all the people on the list.”

The Post noted that the Trump campaign might prefer to keep its potential VP picks under wraps, Carson was clearly displeased with being dropped from the veep selection team and didn’t mince his words. “Since joining Team Trump, Carson has acknowledged that the mogul wasn’t his top choice and that supporting him was merely pragmatic. He’s called into question Trump’s Twitter habits, said he has major defects and recently went off-message by suggesting they might consider picking a Democrat for the ticket.”

Despite Carson’s comments, it seems Trump still finds him useful enough to keep around. Carson reports that he continues to speak to Trump several times a week, while also making the rounds of television on Trump’s behalf.  He also apparently called House Speaker Paul Ryan ahead of Ryan and Trump’s infamous meeting last week designed to show Republican Party unity. Ryan, who is not only Speaker but also the Chairman of Republican Convention (having offered to step down as Chair if Trump wished) has refused to endorse Trump so far, noting:

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“It is no secret that Donald Trump and I have had some disagreements. It’s no secret that we’ve, from time to time, clashed on an issue or two. That happens with people. That happens with Republicans…The question is can we put together a process that really, actually gets our party unified so that we’re at full strength in the fall, and based upon the meetings that we had on Thursday, I’m encouraged with the beginning of this process.”

Carson noted that “there’s no plan to pull a Dick Cheney and suggest himself…Trump doesn’t need help sparking fires.” Trump has also received an offer from former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke to be his vice president. It appears that there’s still room for one more on the Republican clown car.


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