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JUST IN: Trump-Loving Mayor Caught Fantasizing About Obama’s Execution And More

JUST IN: Trump-Loving Mayor Caught Fantasizing About Obama’s Execution And More

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Thanks to the Donald Trump campaign, racists are coming out of the woodwork across the country – and they’re in much higher positions than one would think. Charles Wasko, mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, is under fire for a series of appallingly racist Facebook posts that threaten President Obama, memes that compared the First Family to “monkeys,” others that showed deeply insulting stereotypes about black Americans.

It will come as no surprise that he is a Donald Trump supporter.




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Unsuprisingly, City Council president Shawn Mauck and the rest of the city government has called on Wasko to resign. “I almost don’t know what to say. I almost want to throw up.” said Mauck.

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Other officials are worried about Mauck being in charge of the police force – “With those types of thoughts in your mind, how can you oversee the police department? We can’t have anybody being racist or bigoted — especially an elected official” complained Councilman Brian Wilson.

Mauck is set to file a draft a resolution to censure the mayor and formally condemn his behavior. The rest of the nation is joining him in his condemnation, and grappling with the question of just how do these kind of people get elected to office.



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