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54 Trumpcare Protesters in Wheelchairs Just Got Arrested On Capitol Hill

54 Trumpcare Protesters in Wheelchairs Just Got Arrested On Capitol Hill

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Fifty-four disabled Americans in wheelchairs were just arrested by U.S. Capital Police in the Capital Rotunda. 41 women and 13 men from the organization ADAPT, which promotes rights for people with disabilities, were arrested while protesting House Republican’s health care bill, otherwise known as Trumpcare.

According to the ACLU, this bill would destroy their ability to live a normal life.

The Republican’s healthcare bill is heartless. Repealing Obamacare makes it legal to go back to charging women double for less coverage, destroys health coverage for 24 million Americans, and skyrockets what Seniors will pay for insurance while rationing their medical care.

However, the effects are even more devastating for the disabled.

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Watch video of people in wheelchairs who were fighting for their lives right before they got wheeled out in cuffs:

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ADAPT members are used to fighting for full participation in life, independent living, equality of opportunity, and economic self sufficiency. Their goals are to find a way to live a full life for themselves.

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One member in a wheelchair had a run-in with a new cop:

According to Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), “This bill could erase every right, or opportunity the disability community has gained or earned since the 1973 Rehabilitation Act…”

Senators, Nearly 1,000 Disability Advocates Highlight How Trum…

Joined by disability advocates from across the nation U.S. Senate Democrats detailed how #Trumpcare ends Medicaid by capping program spending, resulting in $880 billion in cuts over the next decade. #Trumpcare’s draconian cuts to Medicaid will mean those with disabilities will have reduced choices of where to live, less independence, and the supports needed to live their daily lives.

Posted by U.S. Senator Bob Casey on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Let’s not mistake this for random action. Republicans are slashing access to doctors for children, women, and the disabled so that they can give hundreds of millions in tax breaks to pharmaceutical companies, millionaires, and billionaires.

Senator Bob Casey quoted Gene Sperling’s remarks on the bill, “The 400 richest people will get a 7 million dollar tax cut because of that bill.”

Republicans are completely predictable. Any chance they get to send more money to the wealthiest Americans they will, and their budget proposal does just that.

It’s time to accelerate efforts to change Congress by voting Republicans out in 2018.

Update: ADAPT protesters are having trouble securing their release from jail.


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