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Legendary Watergate Reporter Just Made A Chilling Trump-Russia Revelation

Legendary Watergate Reporter Just Made A Chilling Trump-Russia Revelation

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The FBI and Congress believe that the President and his associates are engaged in an “active cover-up” over the campaign’s ties to Russia, according to veteran Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein.

Referring to his sources in the intelligence community and at the Capitol, Bernstein told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday:

“There is serious belief in the FBI and in the congressional committees of the House and the Senate, that there here is an active cover-up going on involving, trying to keep investigators from finding out what happened in terms of the Trump campaign and Trump associates, near the top of the campaign and what happened in their associations with Russians.”

If anyone can recognize a cover-up, it’s Carl Bernstein.  He and fellow Post reporter Bob Woodward famously exposed the Watergate cover-up in 1974 that led to the conviction of President Nixon’s aides and the resignation of the President himself.

Bernstein went head-to-head with Trump surrogate Jason Miller on Friday evening’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360.  Miller tried to insinuate that reporting by CNN and other outlets was somehow deficient because of their reliance on ‘anonymous sources.’  Before dropping the hammer about the cover-up, Bernstein reminded Miller:

“in Watergate, in the two years of stories we did at the Washington Post and also at the New York Times, there was not a single quoted source. It was all reporting based on anonymous sources.”

You can view the entire CNN segment here.

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