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Pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos Just Got $12 Million For New Project

Pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos Just Got $12 Million For New Project

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Proving that you should never underestimate the ability of a human cockroach to survive and rise again, homosexual provocateur and pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos just resurfaced.   

He claims someone he won’t name from the so called “alt-right” is funding his new company, Milo, Inc., with $12 million, apparently to unleash a fresh generation of haters.

Only two months after he was fired by fascist hate rag Breitbart – and disavowed by most of the conservative community when a tape surfaced in which he cheered on older men having homosexual relations with minors – Yiannopoulos told The Hollywood Reporter he is getting a $1 million signing bonus. His first purchase will be a new Tesla for his boyfriend. 

This is a quick comeback. After he lost a $225,000 book deal, a speaking engagement with the American Conservative Union and was widely denounced by conservatives in February, Yiannopoulos claimed he is not actually a pedophile and does not approve of older men having sex with minors.

Apparently, someone who can’t believe their own ears believed him and is funding his new play to disseminate his toxic version of political conflict.

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A self-described “cultural libertarian,” the British-born Yiannopoulos compares his new company to Live Nation, which packages, promotes and distributes musical and entertainment acts to venues nationwide. Live Nation is not a political group.

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Milo, Inc. plans to manage talent, do media projects and most importantly send his alt-right “stars”  –  who like him detest what they see as  an  excess of political correctness in America, the falseness of feminism, Islam, liberal values and more – out on the road to entertain audiences fed up with stars who are “too liberal.”

“It will be in the business of what can be best described as corporatized trolling via live entertainment,” reports Vanity Fair’s The Hive, “with Yiannopoulos and his investors hosting events featuring right-wing talent.”

His new venture, be based in Miami, with a staff of 30, will be dedicated to, “making the lives of journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives Matter activists, and other professional victims a living hell,” he told Vanity Fair’s The Hive. 

His talent, in addition to himself, he says, will be conservative and libertarian performers, including comedians, writers, intellectuals and others.

He said among things he has in the works are a book called “Dangerous,” a documentary drawing on footage shot during his “Dangerous Faggot” college tour, and a “Cinco de Milo” party that he will live stream over the Internet from Miami on May 5.

He also plans a week-long series of shows in Berkeley, California – what he calls a “celebration of free speech” –  where earlier this year his career hit a wall after he caused riots in the hometown of the University of California.

Another faux-provocateur and professional troll Ann Coulter, had to forego her plans to speak in Berkely last week due to threats of protest,  controversy, and fear of more riots.

Yiannopoulos probably won’t be promoting tweeting about his new venture. Last July, he was permanently banned from using Twitter for “inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.”

A gay man who supports those who hate gays, an immigrant who joyously joins with the Trumpian’s who are anti-immigration,  a Neo-Nazi who Hitler would have gassed, it is sometimes hard to tell if Yiannopoulos is serious in his hate speech or just trying to make a fortune by being an outrageous, outspoken bad boy who won’t shut up. 

If he represents a form of free speech that Trump and conservative stand for, liberals should be happy he doesn’t claim to be one of them.

As he goes into competition with his old bosses at Breitbart, The Blaze, Alex Jones and other conservatives fanatics, there is no law to stop him, but we have to hope a lack of audiences and attention will do that job instead.


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