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Source For Trump’s Reckless Tweet On Today’s London Terror Was Just Revealed. It’s Absurd

Source For Trump’s Reckless Tweet On Today’s London Terror Was Just Revealed. It’s Absurd

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The President of the United States has the most powerful and extensive intelligence apparatus in the history of the world at his finger tips.

Apparently, nobody has told him.

This morning, after a bucket bomb went off in a terror attack in the London Underground, injuring 29 people, President Trump fired off an accusation via Twitter that British officials have called utterly ridiculous:

The assertion that English police had the perpetrators “in their sights” accompanied no evidence or source and has been rebuked by everyone from former British officials to the Prime Minister of the U.K.

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This has left many wondering where the president got such a notion in the first place. For close Trump observers, the answer will come as no surprise.

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Mark Landler and Maggie Haberman write for the New York Times:

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“It was not clear where Mr. Trump had gotten that information [in his tweet], though 23 minutes [before the president tweeted], ‘Fox and Friends,’ a program Mr. Trump regularly watches, broadcast a report in which an outside security analyst said the London police probably already knew the identity of the attackers.”

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The White House, when presented with the timing of the Fox News clip and Trump’s tweet, declined to refute that the pseudo-news show was the president’s source, saying simply that they did not know where Trump got his information.

“What the president was communicating is that obviously all of our law enforcement efforts are focused on this terrorist threat for years,’ said national security adviser, Lt. General H. R. McMaster. “Scotland Yard has been a leader, as our F.B.I. has been a leader.”

The President of the United States getting his information from the television is more than enough reason for alarm, but the fact that his main source is little more than a glorified propaganda outlet to support his own deranged actions has created a dangerous cycle that Congress alone has the power to end.

It’s time they used it.

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