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Iceland just trolled homophobe Pence with rainbow flags on his arrival

Iceland just trolled homophobe Pence with rainbow flags on his arrival

Vice President Mike Pence’s antipathy towards the LGBTQ community is well-documented and widely known. The religious fanatic occupying our nation’s second-highest office represents that most toxic strain of American Christianity which views anything other than heterosexuality as an existential threat to be vilified and rooted out.

The would-be theocrat has even faced accusations that he supports the medieval practice of “conversion therapy” so for many this highly specific form of bigotry has become the defining trait of this vice president.

Unfortunately for the United States, Pence has been representing us around the world this week. Fortunately though, his trip abroad isn’t going as he might have hoped.

The Guardian reports that Pence visited Iceland yesterday and met with President Guðni Jóhannesson. When he arrived at the meeting place, he was greeted by a row of rainbow flags, erected across the street by the company Advania. Additionally, a trade union headquarters in the area was discovered to have put up similar flags.

“We just felt the need to celebrate diversity today and wanted to show that by flying the flags,” the company’s director Ægir Már Þórisson, Advania’s director explained to Iceland Monitor.

Jóhannesson himself got in on the pro-LGBTQ action, trolling Pence in person by wearing a rainbow bracelet to their meeting, which is something he also did when he met with the infamously homophobic Vladimir Putin. The fact that he views Pence the same way he does the murderous Russian dictator is a sobering reminder of how far American moral authority has fallen under this administration.

With monsters like Pence and Trump spewing their hatred at every turn, the United States increasingly looks like a regressive backwater to much of the world. The only way to start regaining trust around the globe is to hold the entire GOP responsible for this administration’s travesties and vote in an army of Democrats ready to reclaim the mantle of world leadership for America.

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