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The virus spreads, cities are racked with protests, and Trump spends his Sunday morning tweeting

The virus spreads, cities are racked with protests, and Trump spends his Sunday morning tweeting

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In the nineteenth century, the pseudoscience of phrenol0gy had a brief spell of popularity, with many people convinced that it was possible to determine one’s psychological destiny by interpreting the bumps on one’s skull.

In the modern world, such crackpot theories have been discredited by real science and we are left with using more substantive and empirical means to determine the personality traits of others.

Donald Trump makes it quite easy to diagnose his personality disorders without any need to mess up his carefully-coiffed comb-over and discern the contours of his cranium.

All one needs to do to get insight into the president’s disordered thinking is to glance at his Twitter feed each morning where he excretes the detritus of his mind in ways that are both telling and indicting.

Sunday morning’s tweets provide a perfect example.

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Trump began his morning today with a semi-coherent attack on the current bane of his existence, his rival in the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden.

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Perhaps it’s best not to try to use your opponent’s supposed lack of mental acuity as a campaign cudgel when you refer to the Obama/Biden administration in the present tense, despite the fact that you have occupied the office of the presidency for the past three and a half years.

Apparently, some poor government doctor forgot to ask Trump who the current president is when administering that test to evaluate his patient’s level of mental impairment.

Although Trump didn’t provide the details of his test results beyond bragging that he could remember five words in order, it’s clear that he has aced any included projection tests by his assigning his own culpabilities for corruption to his opponent.

Trump then went on to post a photo of himself with former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre at his Bedminster, NJ golf course where the president spent his day yesterday rather than attend the memorial services for the late civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis, services where he was unlikely to receive a warm welcome anyway.

No day is complete for the president without an ego-gratifying retweet of “Dear Leader”-type praise from a sycophantic cult member.

Today’s contribution came from Fox News anchor Tammy Bruce who seems to be living in a parallel universe where Trump wasn’t the one hiding in his bunker and leading the nation into a coronavirus disaster.

Bruce — like Trump — sees empathy as a weakness, rather than the basis for shared humanity.

Ignoring the fact that the reasons for the national unrest are massive inequalities in the administration of justice, Trump reflexively retweets anyone parroting back his political talking points and gives his cult members 15 minutes of fame for being featured on his social media feed, providing positive reinforcement for his negative ideology.

Trump always tries to keep his tweets timely to prove that he is up on all the things that the youngsters are doing.

This morning, his priority was justifying his destruction of the Constitution by sending uninvited and unwanted federal troops to cities around the country. He started by spreading lies meant to divide the opposition by falsely suggesting that it is Antifa and not their right-wing white-supremacist militia opponents who are the racist terror group that is the source of violence in the nationwide BLM protests.

The president also engaged in fear-mongering with a retweet of Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolfe’s post showing trash leftover from the Portland protests against their city’s illegal invasion by the federal stormtroopers.

Trump moved back to attacking Democrats with his next tweet, targeting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and well as Joe Biden with more lies about his early and ineffective moves to try to halt the entry of COVID-19 in the country by instituting a poorly designed travel ban from China in January that proved ineffective when the bulk of the earliest cases in the hard-hit northeast part of our country snuck in from Italy.

If only Trump hadn’t made exceptions to the travel ban that offered the coronavirus mile-wide loopholes to enter the country and had used the intervening months to prepare the nation for the eventual spread of the disease by stockpiling PPE and other measures recommended by the Obama pandemic plan that his administration ignored.

Trump’s last tweet of the morning was a snarl of denial aimed at his plummeting poll numbers as even low information voters begin to grasp the enormity of his failures in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout.

If the president thinks that “ENTHUSIASM” can be generated by simply typing the word in capital letters, THEN HE IS SORELY MISTAKEN!

As thousands of people risk their health to gather in crowds to protest his heinous policies on the streets in cities across the country, it’s difficult to miss the enthusiasm of the American people — a majority of whom voted for his opponent in the last election — in ridding the nation of the scourge of his presidency.

Blame “Fake News,” blame the “Radical Left,” blame “Fake Suppression Polls” (whatever he thinks that means), but the only Silent Majority that exists in this country is the one that wants Trump out of office as soon as possible so we can try to claw back whatever sense of normalcy that we can salvage after his divisive and destructive regime.

Tweet away, Donald Trump, your days are numbered, and, in the deepest recesses of what is left of your mind, you know it.

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