Elizabeth Warren Just Gave Democrats The Recipe For Defeating Trump’s Agenda

Donald Trump is in the White House, dictating a firestorm agenda of hatemongering and xenophobia and Democrats are left on the sidelines without a majority in the House or Senate to stop him. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told a gathering of progressive congressmen last week that Democrats must shoulder both some of the blame for this terrifying predicament, and the responsibility for getting Americans out of it.

Ms. Warren, who is rumored to hold presidential aspirations, told the Progressive Congress Strategy Summit in Baltimore  that Democrats need to “grow a backbone,” according to The Hill.

“No matter how extreme Republicans in Washington became, Democrats might grumble or whine, but when it came time for action, our party hesitated and pushed back only with great reluctance,” she said. “Far too often, Democrats have been unwilling to get out there and fight. That ends today. It’s time for Democrats to grow a backbone and to get out there and fight.”

Democrats have had difficulty holding a line against some of Mr. Trump’s controversial and unprofessional cabinet picks. Even Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon Mobil CEO with direct ties to Vladimir Putin, got yea votes from Democrats Joe Manchin, of West Virginia,  Heidi Heitcamp, of North Dakota, and Mark Warner, of Virginia.

NBC News compiled this handy chart of the Democratic collaborators who voted to confirm Trump’s ludicrous cabinet picks, and the need for a Democratic backbone couldn’t be clearer:

Image by NBC News and cabinetvotes.org.

Facing potentially close reelection races in 2018, the three somehow thought that voting to allow a Vladimir Putin sympathizer and corporate billionaire with no diplomatic experience run the State Department was a good way to cast themselves as “independent.”

But Warren delivered a veiled message to Trump’s collaborators. While Trump’s short-sighted administration might be a temporary fixture, the stink of racism and bigotry that follows him into and out of the White House will linger for decades.

“Donald Trump has stirred ugly racism, sexism, and hatred in this country, and the Republican politicians smiled and climbed right into bed with him,” she said. “That stink will be on them for decades to come. The national party that embraced bigotry.”

From the darkest moments of President Trump’s first days in office, Sen. Warren prepares ready to stoke a new, more aggressive brand of progressivism capable of countering and overcoming the current Republican regime of hate and deception.

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