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Domestic Terrorism: Texas Democratic Senator’s Office Shot Up In Attempted Murder

Domestic Terrorism: Texas Democratic Senator’s Office Shot Up In Attempted Murder

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An unknown domestic terrorist shot up a Texas Democratic state senator’s office on Thursday night with an AR-15 assault rifle. The office, belonging to Rep. John Whitmire (15th District), sustained serious damage during the attack. “When you look at the damage, and start tracing it, there are bullet holes here in the office, and at least four slugs… a couple of them ricocheted around” said a shaken Whitmire. “There are bullet slugs everywhere. One lodged in a framed picture. It’s pretty amazing.”

Thankfully, the building was empty and nobody was hurt in the attack. Whitmire was one of the most prominent opponents of the absurd campus carry law that Texas just passed, which allows students to carry weapons and prompted universities to release guides informing teachers how to avoid controversial subjects that might provoke a student to violence, in an abhorrent attack on the principles of learning and intellectual exploration that such institutions are founded on. It is believed that his opposition to expanding gun rights provoked the attack, but police have yet to release any concrete information.

Following the violence at two different Trump rallies today and the violence at a California Ku Klux Klan rally a week ago, it is clear that tensions are running very high in our nation. Frustration from eight years of establishment Republican obstruction and relentlessly divisive FOX News propaganda have inflamed passions and pushed people to misguided violence. The dangers of arming a populace that has proven time and time again that it is far too irresponsible to be trusted with deadly weapons is becoming painfully apparent. We absolutely cannot tolerate attacks on our elected representatives just because the citizens don’t agree with their politics – it is an attack on the integrity of our democratic system and a disgrace to the principles our nation stands for.

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