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Watch: Top Pentagon Official Points Gun At And Threatens To Shoot Teenagers For Being “Too Loud”

Watch: Top Pentagon Official Points Gun At And Threatens To Shoot Teenagers For Being “Too Loud”

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In the past two days, two black Americans have been shot and killed by police officers over the most minor of offenses – like having a broken tail-light 0r selling CDs outside a gas station. Both of those men were carrying weapons, yes – one of whom had a license to carry, and the other lived in a state where you don’t need a license to purchase or openly carry a gun. Both of those men were summarily executed without trial or charges.

Compare that to this video of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Karnig Ohannessian, who became very upset at a group of teenagers who were celebrating a little too enthusiastically for Mr. Ohannessian’s taste on the Fourth of July. Mr. Ohannessian left his home, approached the youths, and pulled out his gun, pointed it at the youths, and told them that “public drunkenness is a crime. I can shoot the f*ck out of you right now!”

The incident was captured on video; the police brought Mr. Ohannessian into custody and promptly released him without charges. The double standard at play here is outrageous. If Mr. Ohannessian had been black, he would certainly be dead right now. How can we not make that assumption, when so many black men, women, and children are executed every year for the most pedestrian of offenses?

Watch it here:

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