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A Republican Just Defended Trump On CNN And Jake Tapper Laughed In His Face

A Republican Just Defended Trump On CNN And Jake Tapper Laughed In His Face

The company line this week appears to be that people are too mean to the Trumps. The talking point has been openly mocked since Ivanka complained this morning on the unintentionally self-deprecating morning show, Fox and Friends.

As good as the many deliberate retorts have been, however, few can compare to the unintentional ridicule that CNN’s Jake Tapper inadvertently doled out on live television this afternoon. (Video below.)

Former Trump Campaign Strategist David Urban was doing his best to defend his one-time boss when the nonsense got to the point that those around him could no longer keep a straight face.

“You don’t hear the President complaining,” Urban said at the 50-second mark.

“Um, I don’t know if… You don’t…” Tapper began with a straight face. But he could not keep it going.

Tapper and the other panelists burst out laughing at the contention, before graciously recomposing themselves as Urban did his best to recover.

The two and a half minute clip is worth watching in its entirety. The panel thoroughly dismantles the Trumps’ plea for pity. Whatever grief they feel is nothing compared to that of the 23 million Americans whose health coverage they are trying to steal, the millions of immigrant families they are trying to rip apart, or the population of the planet they are endangering through their refusal to address climate change.

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If you feel any pity for the Trumps you need to watch this. If not, enjoy:

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