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Steve Bannon And Sebastian Gorka Just Revealed Their Next Move After Leaving White House

Steve Bannon And Sebastian Gorka Just Revealed Their Next Move After Leaving White House

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When Sebastian Gorka left the White House, he told Sean Hannity on Fox News that he had promised Donald Trump he would continue to support him 100 percent using all the tools available to a private citizen.

Now only three weeks later, there are the first indications of what Gorka may do next. 

Gorka and his former “boss,” Steve Bannon, who was pushed out of the Trump Administration in August, are in discussions about creating an alt-right think tank or an advocacy organization that would work on national security and foreign policy initiatives. 

“Such a group,” reports The Daily Beast, “which is in the embryonic planning stages, would champion the same clash-of-civilizations and pro-Trump, nationalist worldview that both men share.”

Any new organization is expected to have financial support from Robert Mercer, the secretive technology billionaire, who, along with his daughter, has been a big backer of Trump and a number of far right wing politicians.

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Mercer is already working with Bannon, who has returned to run the conservative Breitbart news website, about recruiting and supporting candidates in the November 2018 election who share their views.

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Some of those candidates are expected to challenge more mainstream Republican candidates including some current office holders like Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who has raised their ire because he does not support all of Trump’s positions.

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While there is no clear indication what Gorka and Bannon might do together, at the White House they created a Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG), a kind of in-house think tank, designed to give Trump information and a point of view about major policy ideas and programs.

SIG ran into trouble when it was seen as a way to get around the National Security Council. It was soon disbanded, after which Gorka had no clear role beyond his relationships with Bannon and Trump.

Once Bannon was ousted, Gorka inevitably soon followed him out the door.

Gorka is also looking to return to Fox News with a contributor’s deal, but so far that network has not indicated he is likely to be given a warm welcome. However, Fox personality Sean Hannity, according to the Daily Beast, is pushing to get Gorka a role.  

After he left the White House, Gorka gave his first interview to Hannity, whom he told he believed he could do even more from outside away from a staff that he considered more fit to be in the Obama administration than under Trump.

Gorka may claim that he is happy to be on the outside again, but at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism conference before he left the White House, he was telling a different story, according to the Los Angeles Times, which asked him what it was like to work there:

“It was a dream,” said Gorka. ‘Think about it. I’m an immigrant, a legal immigrant to the United States. I only became a citizen five years ago. Every day for seven months I pinched myself as I was walking in and out of the West Wing, so it’s only in America, right? Only in America.”

So far Gorka has also not indicated he will return to Breitbart, despite Bannon’s presence there, but it appears he may contribute to that website at times at least initially.

Gorka continues to have credentials to pursue the alt-right “nationalist” views he shares with Bannon, but beyond that, he is seen as toxic.

His willingness to do battle with those who don’t agree with him, his far right positions and his history, which includes past association with a neo-Nazi group in Hungary, would make him a hard sell for most mainstream companies, think tanks and cable news outlets.

Bannon, who described himself on the TV show 60 Minutes recently as a “street fighter,” has made clear he believes that the same base which elected Trump can be tapped once again to re-share Congress and set American policy for a long time to come.

Gorka apparently wants nothing more than to continue to be Bannon’s wing man, and there will be great interest in just where they fly off to together, both among their friends and those who consider them 21st-century bogeymen.

Gorka and Bannon both declined to talk to The Daily Beast for their article, which labeled Gorka the “Dragon of Budapest.”

When contacted, Gorka told the Daily Beast reporter, “Why should I talk to you?”

Most mainstream voters and certainly Democrats would be fine if Gorka didn’t talk to anyone again, but with Bannon in his corner, and Mercer shoveling out the cash, it is unlikely he won’t get another act in the public arena.

It will be up to the voters beginning in November 2018 to repudiate what Bannon and Gorka stand for, which is a nationalist, white supremacist, a racist and isolationist worldview that is the antithesis of what most Americans want their country to represent.

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